Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sneak peek: living room and mutt

I say I've moved but I haven't offered up any proof of said new home.

(Also: Please help me find a *new* way of saying *new*. I have overused it this past month and cringe every time I see it.)

Let's start with the living room, because it looks clean-ish it's the only room that's had a photo shoot of sorts.

I love the hickory wood floors, and the spacious vaulted ceilings and I'm not even quoting a realtor. It's light and airy, even when it's gloomy outside. Great news for drizzleland.
Jake wakes from his nap, ready for his photo shoot. It's all about you, isn't it Jake?
Jake. You are such a goober.


flutter said...

Oh, man. what a face

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

He is such a love.

Stu said...

We will get down to see you and your nice floor. I just have to get this house siding and painting done.

I am sad you guys are gone but glad your life down south is going well.


Erika said...

Thanks for the front room tour, hope we can move around the house a little bit more in the coming days :) I just registered to receive RSS feeds so now i will be more up to date on what's up with the cherubs... and you... and the pups. But no UofO football please :) :) Dec wont be pretty :)