Saturday, September 04, 2010

a dip, during our trip

We stayed all tourist-like, lodging in a hotel in our former little town. [Former, as in 'we lived there two weeks ago'.]

We visited the elementary school, where both my kids attended, and made our goodbyes.

We visited friends, visited Bad Mom's new classroom, ate delicious homemade food and played with baby guinea pigs.

I even saw my acupuncturist in Portland, for good measure.

Then a spontaneous swim party broke out.

Zack, Lexi and Kylen.

Quinn B.

Little Smart Girls. And boys.

Summer sure is sweet.


stephanie (bad mom) said...


Though we miss you each day, it will be fun to design these little get-togethers.

And thank you againagainagain for sharing our Open House night :)

Stu said...

We are glad you made it up to visit.

We are sad you are not here all the time.

We are glad your family gets to spend more time together.

We are sad we don't see you 'every' day.

We are glad whenever you come around.