Wednesday, September 01, 2010


In one month, a mere 31 days, Mrs. Milton has done the following:

  • Went on a uber-romantic trip with her hubby to Europe (Rome, French Riviera, Monte Carlo). I have much to tell you, dear reader
  • Cried &/or carried an ache in her throat from the not boo-hooing continuously. Moving is hard, Barbie.
  • Registered both kids for new schools, went back to school shopping and prayed for the quiet that school will bring.
  • And has dreaded the quiet school will bring.
  • Made a quick road trip to visit her in-laws
  • Has fretted over bad skin, a harbinger of too little sleep, eating crappy food, and skipping the sweat that makes everything better.
  • Flung an exfoliating acne gel into her right eye, while trying to quell the skin trauma.
  • Thanked God her eye is still intact because believe me when I say this is not pleasant.
  • Called the gas company, all Nervous Nelly like, when I smelled gas in my house. Dude said there's a dead mouse in my garage. Is this good news? At least we are safe.
And now I'm off to tame hungry children, clean unfinished projects, and to PACK again for a short sojourn home (confused on that still), so the kids can rightfully say good-bye to their classmates at their old schools.

Call me Mama Mental.


Anonymous said...
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JCK said...

I bow down before you. That IS a lot. I would love to hear about the trip. And moving, yes...change is very hard.

The Girl Next Door said...

Holy Suitcases Batman this is quite the month! Kudos to you and YES we want to hear about the trip!

And quiet houses - really quiet with kids away at school - they stink worse than a mouse in the garage...

Stu said...

It was great to see you Home while you were away from Home :)

I think I may have some hearing loss from sitting in the pool area. You are going to have to blog a little louder for me now.