Friday, November 27, 2009

I don't do Black Friday

The lines. The fighting. No, thanks.

I'm taking advantage of this week off and my ever better tootsie and heading to the gym here in a bit.

This is not to say I won't be venturing into stores here soon; I'm just putting off the inevitable and more trips to the craft store, which makes me shudder.

I took the kids to Michaels last Sunday, prepped and ready. I warned them that I would be there for a while. I warned them that crafty people, post-Halloween, can be surly and insane. I said there will be long lines, and I could very well be named Line Leader again. Still, they insisted they wanted to go.

Soon there was whining over little stuffed animals - please, no more! my house is littered with little stuffies - and why can't I buy this and how much longer and I thought we were going to Craft Warehouse and can't we go there now and Christmas is too far away.

And I found it's hard to be creative when you want to gnaw on your children.

I grabbed some 'necessities' and took my place in the long line, ignoring my kids' antics and wishes to buy crap point of sale tchotchkes. I think there was deep breathing. I know there was regret. And just when I was ready to blow, the kindest of elderly ladies wandered back from the line and handed me an extra coupon she had been carrying around with her. Just for some nice mommy like me.

I didn't correct her, of course, and if she read my mind, she didn't let on as she touched my hand and whispered, 'God bless you'.

And if a Christmas miracle in Michaels doesn't put me in the holiday spirit, I don't know what will.

I'm thankful for little reminders.


Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Hee hee, I feel your pain. What a nice lady, to do that for you. I love people like that, and I love BEING someone who does stuff like that. Sometimes I pay for the person behind me when I go through the Tim Horton's (awesome coffee chain here in Canada) Drive thru. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Totally selfish :)

When we were on vacation in Florida a few weeks ago we had a nice older gentleman stop by our table at Perkins one evening and hand us a coupon he had very carefully clipped out of the paper. He said my kids were so well behaved (what he was smoking I'll never know) that he couldn't think of a nicer family to give a little gift to. So sweet!

Christi said...

That's a great story to record, and I love how you put it into words.

K. said...

I think that falls under the same category as there is no bravery without fear. There is no nice mommy without struggle beneath the surface. If it all came perfectly naturally than it wouldn't be impressive. And you would turn out to be comatose or something.

This goes on my list of favorite quotations ever:

"And I found it's hard to be creative when you want to gnaw on your children."

Have a lovely non-black Friday, my friend. My plans are similar to yours.

Christine said...

Very sweet reminder of good in the world. Thanks!

flutter said...

that is really so sweet

Fantastic Forrest said...

What a nice lady!

I'm with you on not doing Black Friday. And on a ban on any more stuffed animals.

phd in yogurtry said...

little reminders, that tap us on the shoulder, are the best. no black fridays for me, either. no way, no how.

Moxy Jane said...

Oh, those little ladies just kill ya, don't they? I had one on a Whole Foods escalator who saved me when I nearly lost my gourd as my 7 year old LICKED the handrail. She stepped in and told me a story of seeing a child do the same thing in an airport in Amsterdam. Thank you, little old lady! I hope to grow up and be you some day!!