Wednesday, November 04, 2009


It's been brought to my attention that I sound all too gloomy here these days, and I guess it is true.

I feel differently now that I let summer go; funny how changing my mind has lifted my mood. I'm moving on and making plans and if anything, I am frustrated I don't have enough time each day to get to everything on my newly revised plate.

It was crisp and sunny out when we dusted off the bikes and went for a spin around the neighborhood, through a spray of red leaves, autumn's glitter.

We stopped off to visit Stephanie, a brisk layover before it grew too dark to ride back home, the three of us running with the moon at dusk, the smell of dinner and woodstoves in the cold air.


Fantastic Forrest said...

Happy autumn, pal. Looking at the joys of the present and realizing we can't go back is fruitful for all of us, in so many ways.... xo

All Adither said...

I always think of you as optimistic and positive.

Jodi Anderson said...

While I love winter sososo much, it seemed to me that summer went by far too quickly this year. All of September and October were spent grieving the loss of fresh heirloom tomatoes and herbs.

That said, I've let go of summer and am now embracing autumn while looking so forward to winter.

Shana said...

Whenever I sense gloom @ Casa Mama Milton, I assume it is a byproduct of your delicate and artistic soul. : )

Kelly said...

Sounds perfect. Glad you're feeling better.

JCK said...

No worries on being too gloomy. You are a beautifully authentic person. That's why we love you. :)

Those last two lines? Killed me. Gorgeous and visual. More please.

phd in yogurtry said...

"a spray of red leaves, autumn's glitter" .. I love your wordage