Wednesday, November 25, 2009

smart girls' club

I am lucky enough to be part of the self-proclaimed Smart Girls' Club. (I don't remember how we came up with this name, but let's just say it's better than the inappropriate moniker we tried on for size before settling on one slightly less offensive, despite its elitist undertones.)

Truth is, I've always surrounded myself with smart girls. Witty women. Smart, sassy sisters. It's just how I roll.

roommates, smart girls
Christine, Alisa & Sheila

The blond on the left? Supersmart and celebrating her birthday today. If you can look past our bad taste in perms and the sad sprout growing overhead, you can see it in her eyes: Her future was bright.
Rimsky-Korsekoffee, early 90s
Sheila, me & Christine

So, here's to you, Mrs. Parker. Thank you for everything I took from our time together, and the way you continue to inspire me to be more.

Happy birthday, Christine!
PS: I looked high and low and tore apart my craft room this morning, searching for our Hans & Franz pictures from camp. (Mentally ill, who?) No luck today, but soon I will embarrass us properly put those girlie men to shame.


wendy said...

AAAH! I have a Hans & Franz picture too! We should compare! And why is the cottage cheese ceiling always in those bad perm/floral dress pictures? If it weren't for blogging, would we have ever gotten our photographical acts together?

Christine said...

I'm the blonde with the bright future in her eyes...no wait, I think that's smeared mascara. No doubt this was one of our Billy Joel/Barry Manilow parties! If I find my H&F pics, I'll be sure to post them!

Truly, Lisa, thanks for this stroll down memory lane. And thanks to you for all you have been/are in my life.