Monday, June 22, 2009

soggy day at the zoo

Ah, spring in the pacific Northwest. One never knows how to plan, especially for an outdoor concert, but you can rest assured that it will pour like it's November if your kids played with your enormous umbrella the day before and forgot to put it back in its proper place, the trunk of the car.

No matter. These elegant, massive sea creatures didn't seem to mind.
zack the bear
Not even grumpy bears could keep us away from the zoo.
give us a break
Despite the obligatory eye-rolling shot, we were in good spirits -wet, as in I could still wring my jeans out when I got home around 10:30 wet - but happy.
soggy zoo  concert
And the rain turned to spittle just as the B-52s took the stage and we danced danced danced with the throngs in Portland that won't let a lot a little precipitation deluge spoil the first day of summer vacation.


Fantastic Forrest said...

Love Greg's eye rolling. Too funny! I'd consoled myself that we weren't going to the B-52's thinking that the weather was lousy so it wouldn't be fun. So much for that notion. Dang!

We went to the zoo today. It's a great place, isn't it?

Christi said...

What great pictures, Lisa!! I love that first one, especially. You inspire me to get out and have fun.

brandy101 said...

cool -

I recall the B52s playing a show at the Philadelphia Zoo circa 1983...I wanted to go SOOOOO badly, it was the epicenter of all things new wave in Philly that day.

lapoflux said...

That eye rolling one is too funny - and Zack with the bears.
Glad it was a good time - you guys are troopers!

Kristen Courter said...

Little Zach is sooo cute in the eye-rolling picture.

"Tiiiiiin roooooof! Rusted."

Shana said...

The Miltons? Are hard core.

Stu said...

Your boy does a great pout face.

Tricia said...

It sounds like a perfectly lovely day.

Suzanne said...

Jealous! Even with the rain!

Glad nothing stopped you from shakin' your groove thangs.