Friday, June 05, 2009

a side of kindness (I'm running away with my T-Mobile call center rep)

My cell phone unceremoniously died a quick death last week, dying in its sleep and leaving me feeling crummy because as luck would have it, the kids would suffer some schoolyard bloodfest/bone break, and I would be tralala, gallivanting about town.

(School secretary sighs and whispers under her breath: bad mom*. That's how I picture it anyway.)

So I dial up T-Mobile - with my land line - and prepare for a drone-like response, to suffer through a litany of unhelpful suggestions, like 'is it charged?' or some such nonsense. Lately, my customer service experiences have been lacking.

I explain my dead phone and I am greeted with coos and 'oh nos' and sweet sympathy and though I know that she is paid to be so damn nice to me, I can't help but picture the two of hitting it off for coffee or maybe wine. Even when she told me to bury my old phone and buy a bright new shiny one, she sounded so sorry I'm out a phone and some cash, I swear she was in fact sincere, and if she's feigning said sincerity? I don't care.

I like me some kindness.

Days later, I called - again - and spoke to another rep, equally friendly and inquisitive about my day. I all but laid on my couch to spill my guts because I've paid for less attentive therapy.

Now my phone works swimmingly and I'm out of reasons to give them a ring.

Maybe we could hang out, friend each other on Facebook, leave each other insufferably cheerful notes.

They would help me solve *my* world's irritations: Bickering kids, pooping dogs, sore knees.

There would be nodding and 'there, theres'. The word 'awesome' tossed around when I did the things I should.

Or at least I'd like to think so, if I ran away with T-Mobile.

*Not that Bad Mom. That would be complimentary and completely welcomed, phone or no phone.


Sunder said...

Who knew? Verizon is not so kind...maybe I should call up T and see if they need any new friends?!! LOL ;)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I wonder what would happen if T-Mobile mated with the 45-minute wait I had on hold with Time Warner Cable. Would we have a really nice long wait?

P.S. You're funny.

phd in yogurtry said...

Two polite and helpful customer service reps in a row? With the same company? I maybe just now started believing in miracles.

Professor J said...

Heck, I'd run away with either one of them.

Stu said...

Drop that baby in the toilet then give them a call...

lapoflux said...

There is nothing like good customer service... and yet so hard to find!
When we lived in Luxembourg I used to feel sick calling anywhere - it was easier to go be sneered at in person. I remember having to call the Ontario Ministry of Transport about my driver's license and the guy was so friendly (in comparison) that I may have offered him my first born...

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Oh glory hallelujah. Lucky you! If 'lucky' includes your phone dying and having to shell out $$ on a new one. But the new one is soooo cute!

your schizophrenic fellow bad mom

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