Monday, June 08, 2009


When we weren't able to sell our house last year, I felt pretty cruddy about it. At least at first. I wanted to give the new location a go, to support my husband's career.

But then the economy flagged and many of our closest friends found themselves out of work. Many stay at home moms I knew went back to work and not for self fulfillment. The strain was evident in my once rather well-to-do area, and I adopted a new mantra when asked why we are still around. (Yes, some people say it just like that. It's so inviting to see their disappointment or at least the lack of good manners. Heh.)

We are just so thankful to have a good job for our family. We are grateful, even as Greg works long hours. We are thankful to have health insurance. We are grateful to be sticking around in a community we love.

We are thankful, and we stopped asking for more.

So, imagine our delight when Greg was named an Achiever last week, recognized and rewarded for all his hard work over the year, a year with east coast accounts (think of Wall Street troubles) and a lot of pressure.

I can't wait to run away with him this summer.

The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii

I'm so proud of you, honey. ox

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Stu said...

Congrats to your Man.

We are glad you are still here, whatever the reason :)


Nora said...


Fantastic Forrest said...

Yay, Greg!

And yay, us, who get to delight in enjoying the Miltons' friendship in person in our community. Please don't move!

Have fun on the beach, Lisa!

Melanie said...

Congrats to Greg!

(Also: is he, perchance, a Little Lebowski Urban Achiever? I hope so.)

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Thank you. It's our first trip to Hawaii and we are both so excited.


Jenn @ youknow... that blog? said...

You will love Hawaii! Congrats to you both!

phd in yogurtry said...

Big congrats to your hubby AND to you, for keeping the home fires burning. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

Shana said...

That's wonderful! You're going to have so much fun. Jealous who?

lapoflux said...

WooHoo Greg!!
And yeah for you - Hawaii! I think this might need a new dress!

brandy101 said...

Hawaii! WHOOO!

flutter said...

you both deserve this

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Yay, Achiever!

Seriously, the "WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE??" people can s.t.f.u. [I learned that from some students].