Monday, April 20, 2009

taste of summer

I had a bright idea: the sun was out and the tulips were in bloom. We canceled other plans - sorry Lord - and headed to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.

Our day didn't have a strong start. What began as a 'I think I'll find a bathroom first' comment on the winding roads there, soon became a quest when it took well over an hour to creep two stinking miles to the entrance. I may or may not have leaped out of our idling car, with my pants undone and walked the rest of the way in, putting aside all social niceties because at 38, I've never been so desperate for an outhouse in my life. I almost cried, best beloveds, and then I peed. I know you are cringing, but crying for heaven's sake. That's ugly.

Once I could think straight again, I realized I didn't bail with my phone or purse or GPS chip. I was relieved, yet in a wash of sunburnt palefaces and strollers. I counted two Boston terriers, but couldn't spot my people.

And when I did find my family and my beleaguered husband - did I mention this was all my idea? - we settled in a long line for tacos. I tried to make funnies about fast passes but he was not humored. He may or may not have said the next time he wants to see tulips, he will fly to Amsterdam because it would be faster and at least he could get stoned while he was there.

[See? The funny was back.]

We entered the wine tasting gardens while the kids took over the exclusive bounce house.
We oohed and ah-ed over flowers, and bought a case of wine from the Naked Winery, out of Hood River, Oregon.
It was a fine spring day, dressed in July and time well spent together.


The Girl Next Door said...

Holy Cow - gorgeous. Worth the pee-emergency and the taco-wait, no?

Professor J said...

Pretty flowers and wine. Sounds good.

natalie said...

makes me miss the great NW.

phd in yogurtry said...

Oooh, isn't this just stunning? Have never seen a tulip farm. Thanks for the gorgeous reminder that spring has sprung in the NW !

Stephanie Breuner said...

ah yes, the lovely day excursion while gritting your teeth and reminding yourself it was all your idea, so I better not have a temper tantrum and really ruin everything. But, your photos do not evoke any of that, so in a few years all you will remember is what the picture tells you: that the kids put their arms around each other and smiled and that the weather was AWESOME!

Shana said...


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I can't imagine God minded at all that you spent the day in his gardens.

He might have minded the getting stoned part, but then again, in Amsterdam, it's legal, so he'd probably be down with that, too.

It sound like a lovely day once you got the pee out of your ears.

Stu said...

When I was chatting with God the other day, he did mention something about being disappointed that you spent time with your family appreciating his creations. I put in a good word for you and he thinks he will let it slip.

Have Greg call me when he goes to Amsterdam ;)


Fantastic Forrest said...

We saw all you tulip lovers as we inched along on I-5 on Sunday on the way to Silver Falls State Park. Surely there must be a horrific accident ahead. As the hour per mile pace dragged on, we speculated about the multi-car pileup we'd undoubtedly be passing. Surprise! It was a backup from the tulip fest exit.

Still, I wish I'd gone. It looks beautiful.

Saucy said...

Mama Milton, is your girl into the Jonas Brothers? Let me know!

My email is in my sidebar!

lapoflux said...

Lovely tulips - though the ones in Holland are breathtaking too, think you should try and see them some day ;-)

We have a "pee before you leave the house rule" which the kids fight, but ultimately works... with them. I am the variable in our house ;-)

JCK said...

Oh, my goodness. Such gorgeous tulips and children... lovely.


I just joined a gym and worked out that morning, followed by lots of water, which seemed smart at the time.


It was NOT a stroke of genius.