Friday, June 13, 2008

I conquer technology* and the sun makes an appearance

You mean all I had to do was complain about the weather and out my incompetent home ownership ways for the sun would come out in the afternoon? Well, let me show you my computer room...heh.
The sun did come out about the time the bus rolled up and we raced straight to the park. The kids rode their scooters and marched around the wetlands directly behind this structure, catching tadpoles and filling their shoes with muck.

I walked the swampy perimeter, listening to the wind move through the reeds. My kids love being in the mud; country living would suit them - especially Lexi - just fine.

It's how I grew up. I spent countless hours alone with my thoughts, pretending I was the new girl in My Side of the Mountain, foraging for myself on the back of our 2 acres.

I think my family needs Greg to have a shorter commute, and we'll need lots of community when we move, so we will stay 'in town'. I was just discussing this with one of my favorite people over coffee just that morning.

But I can't deny I reconsidered briefly while I watched the kids stumble through the grass, mud slushed up their shins, begging for just a few more minutes in the quiet.

*I had to utilize the FAQs at T-mobile to upload the picture from my phone. I'm so ashamed, and completely unhip when it comes to texting. *sigh*


Saucy said...

I can barely text... my hip young carpenter and plumber text me with questions all the time and tease me because I phone them back! I.am.an.old.lady.

Lori said...

We must have just missed you - we were at that park from 1-3:30 yesterday - so nice when the blue skies opened up! We even got some color on our noses and necks! Oops!

Enjoy the sunshine today!

Kimberly said...

We're so lucky here. Ten minutes from town and we can here the cows lowing. A nice but rare and felicitous combo.

I do miss having sidewalks in my neighbourhood though.

Mrs. G. said...

Another texting virgin here-haven't done it yet.

I'm glad some sunshine made it your way.

Beck said...

I have never texted. Not once. WE got our first cell phone EVER this Christmas.

katydidnot said...

in town is really good. i love it. after living 25 miles out, out, out of town for um...ever.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Wait. You posted this entry from your phone? I bow to you.

Jennifer H said...

I've texted maybe once or twice--and it was very, very slow.

So glad you got some sunshine. And even if you stay "in town," it's never that hard to get to the country.

Cheri said...

What exactly is the point of texting anyway? ;-)

Professor J said...

I, too, am impressed with the fact that you conquered technology and posted with your phone. You are the geek of the week!

JCK said...

I can't really text either...And truthfully, just don't like to be "plugged in" all the time.

Look, look at that exquisite blue sky! Your cell phone takes a mean photo.

Minnesota Matron said...

You could totally be my webmaster, you're that far beyond the Matron.

CrazyCath said...

I'm ok with texting, but not all text-speak. I am not ok with anything else really. My son seems to have a mini media unit and pc all wrapped up in his. Along with camera. Oh and you can use it as a phone!!
How curious!

Over from David's - well done on POTD.