Thursday, April 19, 2007

More with the grr and the aargh

Zack and I are still an odd pair of sickies this week; he with the manly smoker's cough and I with the telephone operator nasal congestion. We are mucous-music to the ears. So, I did what feels right when the world seems bleak and I am spending too much quality time with a snotrag. I set aside my worries and partook in a little Buffy viewing while I was folding clothes. Meanwhile Zack was playing Jedi Knight with his invisible (do not say imaginary) brother, Jack. We were coping well.

Then we got creative. We played slayer - a cross between Jedis and Mommy's trash TV watching ways.

Here's how it works:

1. Someone gets to play Slayer. In this case, that would be me because I am the girl. The watcher rules are very clear on the gender of the slayer. If Lexi is around she can play Faith to my Buffy (minus the evil stage), but I will not go quietly into the night as some lousy vamp.

2. Identify vampires. At the end of season 7, Spike provides us with a rough sketch, to help us root out evil, or at least Angel. (They have a troubled past.)

Don't know Spike? Look here he is, in posable doll form. (No, that is not Billy Idol. Legend has it that he took his look from William the Bloody. Aka Spike. Am I going too fast here? Am I high on sudafed?)

3. Chase potential vampires around, tickling and dusting them. With a unseen stake, of course. Until the little vamp giggles or coughs up a lung.

Vampyre Zack

4. Provide a means for tortured vampires to regain their souls, or as Zack says, "Become good again."

(I tried to find a Angelus picture for you, but I get the feeling David Boreanaz just wants to look pretty, not undead.)

5. Wash your hands and return to the 'real world'. Whatever that is.

6. Hide your head in shame and threaten the first person that calls you 'Andrew' upon reading this post.

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Stacey said...

Ok, this post made me laugh out loud and almost pick up the phone to order cable again. How I miss Buffy!! You can catch it three times a day if you station yourself on the couch at just the right times. But ah well...back to "reality" (pooh-bah!).

katydidnot said...

that is totally billy idol.