Monday, April 09, 2007

Beta mom

While clearing the clutter (I say that like it's all done forever), I found evidence that I was once a go-getter, an overachiever. Cards filled with accolades that reassured me that my hard work was recognized. And I really needed it - I craved kudos.

I still do. But shortly after becoming a Mama, I found that Alexis wasn't impressed by my mad sense of humor or my test scores. Nope. No more glowing job reviews. She was colicky and despite all my very best efforts, for a couple of long months, she cried every day from about 2 pm until 7. Like clockwork. It was my first lesson in motherhood - I don't control anything. I never had. It was a rude awakening.

The pediatrician said it would come to pass, and sure enough, one day she stopped her afternoon shrieking and life was better.

In the years since, I have worked hard to be a competent mother. I blow it sometimes; sometimes I rock. I guess that will have to be enough.


Ms. Alice Bradley, of Finslippy and Wonderland, was featured as a Alpha Mom on GMA this morning. I haven't read her response to her big TV debut, but I thought she done good. Real good. I wasn't totally in love with the feeling I got from the segment - I have never once got the impression that Ms. Finslippy thought she was superior or trying to put undue pressure on other moms in her columns. Quite the contrary. She, in real, blog life comes across as humble and kind. (Yes, I know I act like I know her personally. Shut up. I like her.) She may be an Alpha Mom but I will gladly follow her class act.

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Oh, The Joys said...

Oh, do I blow it sometimes too!

scribbit said...

Plenty of parenting mistakes around here, and multiply that times four children and I bet I have quite a rap sheet going. However, I try to let the kids see that I am human, am sorry when I make mistakes, am trying to do better--I hear that kids don't need perfection so much as they need to see real parents trying their best.

that guy who always comments but does not have blog of his own said...

If I ever do something perfect the first time, I am going to bronze it and retire to a tropical island...

As I tell Mason and Paige; now that you tried it that way and it did not work, you can check that one off the list of what not to do.

I'm glad you are not perfect Lisa, otherwise we would have a hard time hanging out with you and yours.