taking cover

I schlepped around town today, shopping - and lo, I hate shopping - for a spring jacket, one with a hood but the buyers that be and I were not on the same page. They missed the 'spring showers = spring flowers' memo and I had to look and scrounge and even stop by the store of ill repute.

(And then Stephanie passed out. The End.)

I was circling a rounder at Kohl's when a mindless shopper pulled a tad too hard on a hanger, and plunked me upside the head. Of course, I know she wasn't aiming for my noggin, but she didn't acknowledge the blunder either and well. I was rather irritated.

First the shopping for the Elusive Coat.
Then, I am assaulted by a rude woman.
And if my eyes weren't bone dry from Sjogren's right now, I might have cried real girl tears, right there and then.

It wasn't the shopping or my eyes. I've just been feeling a bit...

Sad because a dear friend heard alarming medical news, for herself and her pregnancy.

Sad because the economy is hitting home and hitting hard as both of my best friends' husbands are looking for jobs.

Sad because this family has suffered a terrible blow; I've admired this local writer and counselor since I was a teenager, when I sought much needed advice during a rough time in my life.

I guess I am just acting out, being crabby.

I know my friends are capable and I believe that these hard times won't last forever. I'm an optimist, deep down and true.

But for now, I am brewing a strong cup of tea and waiting for this grief to pass.


I will have a cup of tea with you.

And send you hugs. {{{HUGS}}}
katydidnot said…
i always know it's something bigger when stubbing my toe really makes me want to cry.

hugs for you.

heh. at first i type pugs for you. that might cheer you up too.
stephanie said…
I'm so sorry for the sadness around you - but yes, know that Jen & I (and our men) will be okay. And I won't pass out because you shop at The Store That Shall Not Be Named in a fit of weakness...

More tea soon. :)
Jennifer S said…
Lo, I hate shopping, too.

But if someone clocked me with a hanger? And I was already feeling so tense? I'm not sure what would have gone down. Something serious like shooting her a dirty look. ;-)

I've been hearing a lot of bad news lately, too, and these are definitely not good times (we're getting our own share of that little mess). Can't wait until the clouds lift a bit. Hang in there, and stay out of the stores.

Or wear a helmet.
You are not being crabby. This is a big bunch of bad stuff to deal with all at once. It's not the unsuccessful shopping or the hanger hit. So sad about the young man at the Rose Garden. And I'm sorry about your pregnant friend's bad news. As for the economy, I believe things will work out.

How about joining me for coffee talk tomorrow at school?

Madge said…
why do these things seem to come in bunches?

tea sounds perfect....

hugs to you.
Beck said…
Yes, I've been sad too. I burst into tears in the grocery store the other day. Sigh.
You are so not crabby, it's definitely going around. And it seems to come in groupings, which I hope shall pass soon.
Nora said…
Times are rough, they are. It's easy to get overwhelmed. This too shall pass, I keep saying...
Karen Jensen said…
I'm going to have a cup of tea in your honor when I go home this afternoon.
Shana said…
Does today's gorgeous sunshine help at all? I know for me it does. But I don't have SAD. No, huh-uh, not me. I just like sunshine : )
lapoflux said…
Some days everything seems to pile up and burst the dam doesn't it?
Hope the tea helped. You're welcome here any time for tea.
Tom said…
Hi, Lisa. Sorry you had a rough day. Yes, a strong cup of tea does fix many things. www.uptontea.com

Grace and peace to you--
JCK said…
It is hard times. Most especially hard when close to home. Sending hugs and will drink tea with you in spirit.

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