birthday post FAIL (well, nearly)

So my sweet boy turned eight today at precisely 10:06 am, according to hospital records, although my Mom would argue it was really 10:05, which puts Mr. Numbers in a spin, just talking about this discrepancy.

(I was unavailable for comment at the time, having just given birth and all and was preoccupied by his incredible shrinking umbilical cord that had the doctor spinning, come to think of it.)

But I don't care when he arrived; he came and our world is fuller for it.

zack in penguin jammies
last Christmas
Zack and two of his best friends
indy spray
summer at the park

Happiest birthday, my sweet boy. May many joys be in store for you this year.

Love you, Mama


JCK said…
Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy! I especially love that last picture- reminds me of Singing in the Rain!
stephanie said…
Happy happy birthday, Mr. Z!

So jaunty with his fedora in the fountain; love that pic.
Stu said…
Happy Birthday Zack! Hope you had a great one.

lapoflux said…
Happy Birthday Zack!
He is beautiful - and I love that fedora!!
Mrs. G. said…
Lisa, he is just beautiful.
Beck said…
Aw. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, little milton! Looks like two birthdays in a row for you all, huh?
Suzanne said…
What a cutie pie. Happy Birthday! And congrats on turning the big 0-8. (Putting the zero in front just sounds better, I think.)

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