Angry Conversations with God, A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir

I'm sketchy when it comes to writing about matters of faith. I hold the credentials: I go to church, studied the ministry long ago and love Jesus, but I don't kid myself.

My faith is complicated and unconventional and citing Lamb as a turning point in my return to church doesn't exactly endear me to the brethren.

So you can imagine my delight when Susan Isaacs - writer, actor, Lutheran - announced her blog tour for her new, snarky spiritual memoir. I couldn't wait to get my advanced reading copy in the mail.*

Here, take a look:

Disillusioned, disenfranchised, and disinterested in anything churchy, Susan Isaacs knew of only one thing to do when she hit spiritual rock bottom at age 40. . . . She took God to couples counseling.

In this cuttingly poignant memoir, Susan Isaacs chronicles her rocky relationship with the Almighty--from early childhood to midlife crisis--and all the churches where she and God tried to make a home: Pentecostals, Slackers for Jesus, and the ├╝ber-intellectuals who turned everything, including the weekly church announcements, into a three-point sermon. Casting herself as the neglected spouse, Susan faces her inner nag and the ridiculous expectations she put on God--some her own, and some from her "crazy in-laws" at church. Originally staged as a solo show in New York and Los Angeles, ANGRY CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD is a cheeky, heartfelt memoir that, even at its most scandalous, is still an affirmation of faith.
From the Hachette Book Group

I loved the way Susan examines "churchianity" in the United States; she is honest and forthright, yet gingerly discusses her "crazy in-laws", being kind even as she tells the truth about some of her bad church experiences.

(I think this is extremely difficult to pull off.)

Angry Conversations with God
is available now at your favorite bookstores, AND I will be giving away hardback copies to four lucky readers next Tuesday. Just leave me a comment and one of my lucky leprechauns with draw names on March 17th.

Congratulations, Susan!

*Did I mention Susan sent me Kombucha scoby a couple of years ago, when she heard about my autoimmune disease? She may be snarky, but she's awful sweet too.


The books sounds really fantastic! Thanks for giving it some air time.
natalie said…
sounds interesting!
Karen said…
Put my name in the hat to win. This sounds like a good read. Being a Lazy Lutheran myself I think I might get any inside jokes. LOL!
Wow this sounds like just what I need! I love my church but God and me, well, we're going through some rough times. My fault and I know it, but somehow can't pull out of it. If I don't win it I'll be buying it! Thanks for the tip!
flutter said…
this sounds fabulous
Karen Jensen said…
Sounds like a great book. God and I aren't speaking these days. We're getting some space.
Anonymous said…
I'm right there with you on Lamb. One has to be very careful who one recommends that book to, doesn't one? My future brother in law (whom I've actually known longer than the future husband) is currently getting his masters of divinity, and we have lots and lots and LOTS of fun discussions... and if a lucky leprechaun pulls MY name out of the hat, then I can bring yet another book to the table! ^_^

(PS dude, seriously- why won't google let me leave comments as myself?!)
Wow! I would love to read this book! I wish I could have seen her solo show. Does she have plans to perform again? Portland seems like a perfect venue. I love the premise of her memoir. Brilliant.

I hope I'm one of the lucky readers!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Lisa. You keep me thinking constantly.
stephanie said…
I am so interested in reading this - I will be using the word "churchianity" often - but since we live mere moments from each other, I'll borrow your copy someday and let someone else can get lucky. So to speak.
Anonymous said…
Put me in for the drawing. I only want to win so I can make Stephanie borrow it from me :)

Anonymous said…
I might be too young to read it.

You HAVE been reading it alot.

lapoflux said…
I am intrigued.
Matters of faith are so difficult to define (for me at least).
Kristen Courter said…
I think I shall attend that Friday evening show, and I'd like my spiritually snarky husband to come, too, if we can get a sitter. Thanks for giving some away! (p.s. I saw Krista Combs this morning and we both decided we want to see you soon.)
w said…
I need to read this book too, apparently. I'm with you guys on the Friday reading at EB.
Jess said…
Sounds like something I could use right now! I'll keep my irish fingers crossed. I do have red hair after all.
Shana said…
I love snark + I love delving into religion, so sign me up and tell the leprechauns that they're bound to have extra good luck if they draw someone named O'Brien!
Christi said…
I'm glad you left a reminder on your post today...I almost for got to get in on it. This is an awesome prize!!
Anonymous said…
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