We met someone new yesterday, brand spanking new.

He waved his arms, and cried that delicious cry, unique to those first few weeks, before nursing and falling asleep again. His agenda, simple: eat, sleep, poop, and try on some potential names.

Cheer my weary soul.
Greg snapped some pictures for me. Because I would not put him down.

Can you blame me?

Welcome sweet baby Nicholson. We are so glad you are here.

Coming up this week: I'm reviewing Susan Isaacs' new memoir, 'Angry Conversations with God', AND I will be hosting my first giveaway. See you then.


I am kissing and snuggling my screen.
Sweet, sweet, sweet! Newborns are nothing short of pure magic.
CJ said…
Ok, now I have a huge craving to smell that new baby smell!!
Shana said…
Oh, what a delicious little bundle!
Anonymous said…
flutter said…
awwwwww, HI BABY!!!
dkuroiwa said…
i am now almost overcome by the incredible urge to smell a new baby...even one a few months old would do. Once they get to a certain age, that smell? yep. gone forever only to live in memory. my boys, except for right after a bath, pretty much stink right now.
lapoflux said…
Those pictures have my baby cravings going. That is one beautiful newborn!
lapoflux said…
Those pictures have my baby cravings going. That is one beautiful newborn!
Anonymous said…
Give us an update when TBTCBN gets a name ;)

I'm glad you got to get some baby kissing time.

stephanie said…
Soooooo darling. I need someone to loan me a baby sometime.
Vicky said…
Congratulations! that is great news! Precious!
Anonymous said…
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