so it turns out that I like small dogs

When the Milton Dog Summit began a couple months back, I made some firm requirements: good with children, calm, small-ish. Not a puppy. I wanted to give an adult dog a new home.

As the stay home parent, and the chief walker of said beloved pet, I needed to know that any dog we brought home would be in capable, if feeble, hands. The neuropathy in my ring and pinky fingers is always with me and I just don't have the hand strength necessary to train with an unruly, large dog, no matter how darling.

So, we have been researching and talking to breeders while all the while I pitched stories about my favorite childhood dog, Skippy, the sweetest little Boston terrier, as my husband scrunched his face up until I said: 'Yes, exactly. That's exactly how they look.'

I guess you had to be there. He wasn't amused either.

Then we read about Courtney, a sweet French Bulldog/Boston Terrier, looking for a family.

Courtney's first day with us

We made a trip out to meet her the following day and we knew immediately she was the girl for us.

Last Saturday night, we brought our little honey home with us.

She is still shy and somewhat nervous, uprooted and unsure. Yet, each day she grows more confident. She is tucked away, near my feet right now, sprawled out and lightly snoring.

We are all smitten.

I am smitten. I am baby talk and warm chicken broth and checking on her at night.

And I'm amused that I am swept in the canine craze, something I've just never understood before this bitty dog came to call us home.


This Girl said…
She is so adorable!!
Anonymous said…
Damn, this post makes me want to run out and get one. She is absolutely adorable!
flutter said…
I just made the most absurd squeaking noise. Damn, that is a cute dog
JCK said…
How fun! She knows the house she was supposed to go to! :)
Shana said…
She is so gorgeous! I am longing for a bulldog the way I once longed for an infant. How insane is that? And my husband HATES dogs, because he is possibly Satan. Seriously? Who hates dogs? It's lunacy.
Tricia said…
She looks so sweet. You're in puppy love, what a treat. There's something about a dog that just helps make a house feel even more like a home.
WOOT Welcome Home Courtney - and welcome to the world of inexplicable Dog Loverliness.

She is too cute for words. Ok I'm leaving now, I already have 2.5 dogs....
Suzanne said…
Oh wow, she is precious. I am in the little dog camp, too. Nothing too big and burly and smelly.
Mrs. G. said…
Jealous here! She is a doll.
Karen Jensen said…
Aww! What a great dog (and a great name, too).
San Diego Momma said…
Ahhhh! Too much cuteness for me! Can. not. take. so. much. cuteitude. in. one. sitting. Must. detox.

Seriously, I want one.
stephanie said…
May I just ask [beg] - please please please don't let her wear sweaters?

Okay maybe one, because she is so dang darling.
Mayberry Magpie said…
Hey, thanks for your comment on The Women's Colony today. I appreciated the kind words.

I have three dogs (one big, two small), one cat and a bird. All but two are rescues. It's so easy to be smitten (which is why we have multiples).
Kristen Courter said…
I have to laugh at a dog named Courtney, though. Courtney-the-dog??? It's hilarious and precious at the same time. And, of course, she's adorable.
How cute! And sweet to be taken back to your childhood pet.
brandy101 said…
Courtney is adorable!

We got a basset-mix from a local rescue group two months ago and that gal is 200% my baby dog! She is so sweet and gets along wonderfully with our other pets.

But she is so much bigger than any other dog I ever had at about 42 lbs. But she is a good listener, thankfully so not too bad with tugging on the leash, etc.

Good luck with your new lil gal!
Anonymous said…
SEO排名不好玩= =
Beck said…
She's a cutie, and I bet she'll be a lot of fun. Once she settles in, she'll need SWEATERS!
I'm picturing a red sweater in my Christmas card...that I may or may not send out.
Saucy said…
She looks freakin' sweet!

I think you made a good choice for your family, your hands, your heart. Carry on.
Hope said…
Congratulations on the new family member! We have a Frenchie and a Boston. The combination would very hard to beat - and utterly adorable!
lapoflux said…
You're giving me dog envy - after we decided NOT to get one (and I'm not even a dog person).
Glad to hear you're enjoying her - and the baby talk is too cute! She is adorable!

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