Our cold snap has passed.

The mornings are icy, but the sun spills out over our afternoons. The kids dust off their bikes, taking advantage of these unseasonable bright days. The mayhem echoes from the garage.

Every morning I bounce merrily on my rebounder, as merrily as I can to the loud obnoxious music I seem to prefer. I seem to be working out some issues, contemplative and quiet on this page.

Every post I begin in my head - bounce, bounce, bounce - turns into a rambling rant, training to become a manifesto.

I sprint past 675 posts, still with so much more to say, once I unravel this knot with a stranglehold on my mind.

But the sun is setting, coming through the trees and I have dinner to make, homework to supervise, children aiming to be heard.

I pause, taming unruly thoughts for another day.


Bounce when you gotta bounce.

Post when you gotta post.

There's a time for everything.
Shana said…
I compose the most eloquent and meaningful blog posts when I am out running. And forget every word of it by the time I get home, my brain only able to repeat QUIT RUNNING, QUIT RUNNING, QUIT RUNNING for the last mile or so. And then I wander through the rest of the day with that nagging "what was that again?" feeling, knowing that I was on the verge of being profound.
"...training to become a manifesto."


I like your way with words. :)
JCK said…
For someone experiencing knots, you can weave some awesome sentences! Glad you're gettting some sunshine.
flutter said…
let those thoughts be unruly!
I think life is meant to be lived bouncingly. I really do.

Gotta get those knots out though...they're holding us down...
lapoflux said…
Lovely photo - hope your bouncing feel that light.

Any post from you is worth reading.
Anonymous said…
Hey,you need to know,

~Drink coffee, do stupid things faster with more energy.

~You child-proofed your house but they still get in, don't they?

~A friend

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