off to the rink

We're in a lull, between scheduled events, waiting for spring to come and with it, volleyball for the girl and the pool for the boy.

I like the free time. I even like the sleepovers we've been having now that the house is off the market. But we get cabin fever and wiggly, and the only solution that works for us is to get out and move around.

Roller skating fit the bill Saturday.

Lexi spent 2nd grade, with ice skates pasted on her feet. She lived to skate, spending 3 or 4 days a week at the rink, until she came to a place that required a private coach and a 5 am wake up call and she called it quits. So, she strapped on her roller skates and within a few minutes, she was on her way.

Zack was another story. Forever cautious, he overthinks risky behavior - something I will appreciate when he's a teen, no doubt - worried he will get hurt or squished by the speedy teens, flying by.

I gave him some tips, and coasted nearby, watching him suffer through those first few trips around the rink, falling and running in place, keeping himself a float between falls. He'd fall and without missing a beat he was up, an animated tap dancer still trying to feel the music.

It took all my energy to keep from chuckling. He needed me to cheer him on when he'd get teary, exhausted and ready to go home. He'd take a break, sucking on the nasty skittles cherry spray I bribed him with, while Lexi and I glided to Eye of the Tiger. Because we are nerdy like that.

(I can't brag too long. My bruised ego knee won't let me. I got tangled up outside the rink, on the stupid uneven carpeting to check on Zack after he fell. It was a proud moment, my son howling as I bite it and crawl to him.)

Apparently, he wasn't too traumatized.

I heard him telling his best friend later that night how much fun he had, learning to skate. Who knew.

Oh to have that kind of resilience, when I trip and fall, trying something new.


Oh indeed...what I wouldn't give to be that resilient!
Shana said…
And how do your thights and buttocks feel after skating? I always feel like a rock star leaving the rink, and like old granny pants the next day.

Good for Z. for sticking with it. Carlie's first time, she lasted 10 minutes before she refused to continue trying.
SabrinaT said…
We are taking the boys ice skating soon. I am so excited.. It seems they have lessons here (of course they won't be in English). But, anything that will help me stay up right I will take..
JCK said…
I think it is great that you are right in there with them! Good for you - bruises and all. Sounds like fun. And lovely to see him stretch and try something that he is unsure of.
oliver rain said…
I love the new look for your blog. Did you make it yourself?

Roller skating sounds like such fun. When we were in Idaho last summer we discovered a roller rink. I wanted to go so bad, but ow we have a reason to return another year.
I think I can guess where he got his resilient spirit from !

I absolutely love your new background. The splashed paint look is gorgeous!
Nora said…
That Zack sounds more and more like Jeff! What a prize. :-)
lapoflux said…
I love the picture you have up of the roller skates!

I am impressed with young Master Zack for trying. Isn't it amusing how they seem so miserable doing something and then go on about how awesome it was?

Hope you have recovered from your tumble.
Jodi Anderson said…
Sadly, our rink closed a few years ago. Such a bummer.

Of course, the ice skating rinks are open but, um, my bones say that's not a good idea. ;)
I LOVE that you were there for him. I haven't been on roller-skates since I was 17!. So I'm impressed on this end!
Anonymous said…
It was awesome. you rock mom!

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