here we are now, entertain us

There's been a misunderstanding.

My kids have mistaken me for Julie the Cruise Director.

Actually, they have no idea who Julie McCoy is - as non-Love Boat aficionados, which is right and good - and when I state such claims, I see a look pass between them, a tally of further evidence that their dear ol' mom just ain't right.

But no bother. I am weary of their high expectations every afternoon, when they get off the bus and ask: What are we going to do today?

(What happened to 'I'm hungry'? I'm starting to miss those days.)

I'm not sure how this came about. We live pretty average lives. When I start to tell them what my plans are, most afternoons - I'm going to fold laundry, and listen to my book on CD, and start dinner, and pack lunches, and read with them - I'm met with such disappointment, as if every day should be rainbows and playdates and cocktails and trips to exotic lands.

(There's some wishful thinking, mid-January, mixed in there for myself, I admit it.)

So, they are bored. I'm okay with it. I say: read, draw, play your cello, and occasionally expect there will be a date with friends, a rented movie, shrinky dinks.

They might as well learn to entertain themselves now, to occupy their minds, instead of waiting for someone else to fill it for them - shape their thoughts, fill their hours.

I can take a hint. We have cleared the decks, so to speak. We will be building more routine back into our weeks, now that we are here - forever? for now? - to stay.

And doesn't seem fitting that they can take all that passion, that excitement and put it directly into the first thing on the docket: Drama Club.

Sure beats shuffle board...


We did make Shrinky-Dinks at Christmas time. Yes, we.
I love using Sharpies, making a Vampire/Goth mobile. (I still need to fix the wires. It didn't turn out as planned.)
The kids also traced images I printed from Google, for their friends. I intended to do more last Monday, but we used the wrong plastic and it ended badly.

You should give it a try, the next time you feel like taking on a retro project with the kids. Scribbit has easy directions,

(And her mobile is lovely. Call me Julie the Jealous.)


oliver rain said…
I feel your pain. They don't play with one another? I thought this type of thing only happen with only children.
You are clearly shirking your duty to make your children's lives a non-stop fun ride. What the heck is your problem? You must provide a constant stream of exciting activities for your precious ones.

That's sarcasm, in case you weren't sure.

A few ideas I'm sure you've already used:

internet scavenger hunt - give them a list of images or questions to answer

geography bee and tripadvisor knowledge questions

having art supplies on hand

Oh, geez, I'm already exhausted after this short time. You have my deepest sympathy.

That's totally sincere, in case you couldn't tell.
I suspect this will entail a trip to Michaels? Horrors!
There is no impending Michaels trip in my near future. I'm determined to use up whatever crafting supplies we own first.

Now THAT should spark some creativity. I hope so.

(They do play with each other quite well, often with no toys, just acting stuff out. But lately, the ante has been raised. I'm not sure why.)
julie McCoy? Meet "the Maid" I feel you sister...
JCK said…
Ahhh...yes, Julie McCoy. She's starting to knock on my door.
lapoflux said…
the love boat... soon will be making another run... the love boat... promises something for everyone...

Running through my head since I read this post yesterday but had no time to comment.

I am sure our parents were not nearly as involved as planning our entertainment as we are with our offspring.

Like the approach you are taking.
holly said…
that is awesome. i so want to do this! i remember shrinkie dinks! we did fairy ones a couple of years ago, too, that turned out like crap, but hey, it's the *doing*, yeah?
Jennifer S said…
If I hear "I'm bored" one more time...

Shrinky Dinks are awesome, though. Maybe I should keep them on hand. For when my audio book is over. :-)
Nora said…
I read an essay by a man remembering how it "used to be" before helicopter parenting--he complained to his mother about being bored and she told him to bang his head against the wall until he thought of something. I'm saving that one for my kids....
Anonymous said…
Last year I made everyone on my list shrinky-dink ornaments or pendants for Christmas. It was Highly Excellent. And I giggled at your Mutant Enemy...

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