once upon a time, in a galaxy not far from here, there were *jazz hands*

Last year I jumped on board Mrs. G's Ass Project, determined that if the lady of the manor could bare it all online, I could at least drag my sorry self down to my local Grange, for Jazzercise. And for about 6 months, rain or shine or kids or house staging - just name an obstacle - I did just that.

Until I became a Granny Action Figure, complete with hip bursitis and I took a solemn vow of kindness to my fellow elderly brothers and sisters, because Holy Batman, Reader! Waking up in the wee hours of the morning to boring, insidious pain from sleeping, of all the things, was exhausting. Short walks made my eyes water. I really had no choice but to yank my membership from the jazz hand ranks and nurse my poor geriatric hip back to life.

(It was probably brought on by several factors: a flare-up of Sjogrens and arthritis combined with high impact exercise on an unforgiving surface, while I am taking a Prednisone break. It hit me like a freight train.)

I whined privately, and wined socially and watched my weight inch up until a couple of weeks ago I realized my hip was regaining flexibility and I added yoga back into my routine.

I started taking short walks again; picked up hands weights again. And this week, like many Americans, I joined a gym.

Yes, I bounce, just like that. Heh.

Yes, Mama Milton bought a rebounder. It's not glamorous. It's a little silly. But it's also inexpensive, easy to use and gentle on my delicate joints.

(Look! I'm an infomercial!)

Now excuse me while I crank up my iPod and get jumping before the kids come home and beg to play with my new toy.


lapoflux said…
You go girl!
I've never heard of a rebounder before, looks interesting.

I'm sorry to hear about your hip. You are too stoic suffering in silence sometimes. I hope it gets better.

You can do it! (you have to say that last bit in the voice of the guy in water Boy.)
Madge said…
i used to do jazzercise....but it is horrible getting older. things start to HURT. why is that?
Tricia said…
Yea for you. That actually looks like fun!
Mrs. G. said…
I think these things look so fun. I just worry that I might not land on the bouncy part.
Shana said…
I'll see you Mrs. G's comment, and raise you one. I had a rebounder. And didn't land on the bouncy part. So not the rebounder's fault, either.
This Girl said…
That looks interesting. I too have RA and am always looking for something that will be easy on the joints. Does it give you a really good cardio workout?

Your blog looks adorable BTW!
"Easy on the joints"? Are you joking me? This looks like it would be extremely hard on the joints. Especially since I'd fall on my butt to the side of it after trying to jump.

But if it works for you, yay!!

If you want to read a funny book about the consequences of "jazz hands," check out Acito's Attack of the Theatre People.
Clever! Sorry to hear about the hip, but you are such an inspiration with your forging ahead anyway!
Jodi Anderson said…
"Granny Action Figure" describes me well. :)

The rebounder looks like so much fine. The few times that I've been near a trampoline, I quickly became addicted. I can't wait to hear how it goes. (Plus, I really do need something gentle on the joints.)
flutter said…
I would bounce off that thing and crack my head open
Anonymous said…
I love rebounders! Good luck with it. :)
katydidnot said…
that totally looks like fun. maybe even more fun if combined with whining and wine.
Kristen Courter said…
Well, since I just turned 30, do I get a Granny Action Figure, too??? Ha, you crack me up!
I like the jumping idea--fun, easy, and you can watch TV at the same time!
How about coffee next Friday?? I will have Thing 1 and Thing 2 with me, though.
brandy101 said…
Good for you!

I just got back to my treadmill after 4 days with a migraine!
It really is easier on the joints. I have actually jogged on it this week and lived to tell.

(It's been years, dear reader, since I've been able to do that. I'm one achy, neuropathy ridden girl - but I ran to Runnin' Down a Dream by Tom Petty this week. Is that wrong? Yes, I'm oldish.)
stephanie said…
I have visions of looking like Billy Elliot on it, which out loud sounds kind of creepy & unnatural.

I'm so glad you're feeling better for real.
holly said…
you're never going to get into the olympics with a small one like that.

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