Gran Torino

Pile in your car - foreign or domestic, I don't really care which - and head to see Gran Torino. It is gritty and utterly PC-less and funny and touching. Yes, bring a tissue to see Eastwood at his Dirty Harriest. The man can act.

(I was also taken back by the large crowd of senior citizens, there to support their own. AARP was in the house, yo. The matinee was packed.)

I will be thinking about this film for a long time.


Anonymous said…
I LUV, LUV, LUV, LUV your new header!!! Your design?! It's just cute as a button!

Ok, I'm convinced to see the movie. It will be a "foreign" car.
Shana said…
So glad to hear from someone who saw it. The reviews are awesome and the promo was, I don't know what to call it -- powerful I guess.
Anonymous said…
I am 57 and I love Eastwood - what more can I say!
stephanie said…
We tried to see it but would have had to sit in the first row; perhaps I need to be in AARP because that would have hurt me badly.

But I believe every word you say and will see it eventually, from a safer distance.
K. said…
I love Clint.

And your current blog design makes me feel like it's already Spring.
This was written by a Minnesotan and originally slated to be filmed here! Can't wait to see it myself.
Jodi Anderson said…
Just last night I told my husband that I'm waiting for him to get back into town before I go and see it. It looks REALLY good and REALLY raw.
katydidnot said…
i've been talking about this movie all damn day. i went to see it last night and wasn't that excited about it, but i LOVED it.

also? did you know before you went in that a grand torino is a car? because i made a fool of myself when i blurted out, OH, a grand torino is a car! at one point during the show. my date, a heavily tattoo'd biker/car guy was, um, mortified. eh, whatev.
I just got back from this film. I think it was Clint Eastwood's best piece of work.

I laughed and I cried. It was fantastic.
Dapoppins said…
Its not PC? I want to see it.
holly said…
how long. i mean are you still thinking about it? have you been thinking about it constantly? or is it an intermittent wash-a-dish-then-think-of-it kind of thing?
Loving your new blog setup - and will HAVE to see this movie!
Saucy said…
Veto and Buddy Budderson went to this last night but I stayed home with Loopy... I so badly want to see it... Veto said he would go again (gladly).
Suzanne said…
Jon and I are seeing it this weekend. You are the first female to review it for me. After guys told me how great it is, I was thinking, "Well, yeah... but you're guys." Now I'm excited to see it!
Anonymous said…
Never seen it but it looks cool.

And I totally want the header, CUTE!


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