Thursday, January 28, 2010

my court

So the gym and I are giving it another go, and as a bonus, I am crazy sore.

I know. I give up my time and energy and am rewarded with pain. Go figure.

I run myself a hot bath this morning, curlers in hair and oatmeal in hand, feeling like Queen Time Manager, with a little side of Multitask - getting ready for work while assuaging all my achy parts.

A few moments alone. It's nearly an Oprah-approved "ah!" moment or "me time" or what have you, when the dogs barge in, the one with the bulldozer head making way for the one with the bionic nose.

They sit, tub side, while I try to eat my breakfast, surrounded by Bionicles, Jack Sparrow - Action Figure! - and several dinosaurs from Lexi's 2000 paleontologist phase, grateful for this messy life of mine, royalty in the rubble.


Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

That sounds pretty great. Except the bath part - I don't like them. I wish I did, but I can't get past the "I could be doing something else instead of sitting here getting pruny" thoughts. Maybe one day I'll learn to appreciate them.

Glad I'm not the only one who has an animal audience whilst in the bathroom!

Have a super day!

Fantastic Forrest said...

I'm so relieved to learn that my tub is not the only one with assorted plastic toys surrounding it. Polly Pockets and Legos come, but they never seem to want to leave. The tub must have a magnetic quality.

Hope your hot bath helped. You know about the miracle that is Epsom salts, right? My girl finds that helpful.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I love the Epsom salts. I really like all things hot water related - like mustard baths. I'm always chilly and achy and nothing spells relief like the tub or shower.

I keep telling myself that I should really make them pick up this stuff but who am I kidding. I love that Zack will still play for a long time with his toys. I figure these days are numbered.

Stephanie Breuner said...

Just close your eyes and breathe