Thursday, January 07, 2010

little something

Did I ever tell you, Dear Diary, that I got a temporary job through the school district, as a Health Screening Assistant? Well I most surely did. I work with a team of funny, hard-working women, moving furniture and setting up screening stations, and training volunteers at a different school nearly every week.

There are some bumps along the way, and some personality 'things' you run into when you are working with the public, but generally it's a great gig.

I love it.

Best of all, most days I work one-on-one with kids. Lots of kids.

We screen hundreds of little eyes and ears each day, thousands a week, but when a child steps up and I look him in the eye and smile, it's really about that one set of eyes; that one child.

One young girl walked up today, hair disheveled from recess and a warm spray of freckles and sweet smile. When I looked at her paperwork, I learned she was called Daisy; how apt. I mentioned how I liked her bright, shiny name and she lit up, lived up to all that bright and shiny name implies.

As her class left the testing area, she looked over her shoulder and hollered: "Have a nice day!"

These little encounters come and take leave, and I have had many sweet moments working for the school, first as a volunteer, and now as a paid employee of the district. But really it's about that one set of eyes when it happens; that one child.

It's what keeps me coming back.

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Professor J said...

you and Daisy make me smile.

phd in yogurtry said...

Congrats on the job. I love it that you make it a point to connect with each child.

Stu said...

I'm so glad your job makes you and others smile.


Jodi Anderson said...

This is so very, very sweet. I love it when one can take a large group of humans, and be one-on-one with everybody for a few moments.

You made my heart melt with this one, Lisa.

Madge said...

see. you are the kind of people us parents are so grateful for. the ones that keep our children safe and love them too.

Amanda said...

Beautiful, will carry this with me today.

Christine said...

Beautiful in every way.

Shana said...

I have no such endearing stories of the lawyers I encounter in my daily work comings and goings. Very sweet.

JCK said...

That is great news on the job!! Your diary did NOT know of this. :) I am fantasizing again about a pain position that is regular, and not a business that I need to drum up business.

Good for you, Lisa! And the children are so lucky to have you.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Lovely. It reminds me of why I got into teaching. Those connections are precious, whether they occur with little ones or senior citizens.