Friday, February 20, 2009

academy shorts

I was poised to ponder deep(ish) thoughts about this year's nominations today, but it's just not coming together. I'm distracted by the school bus, carrying away my much-healthier kids, and clean sheets and did I mention the sun is out.

But my Superbowl airs this Sunday and I can't help noting:

  • I haven't yet seen three, 3!!, best picture nominations as of Friday morning. Can I cram? And Benjamin Button is 3 hours long...This may prove not to be a magic number.
  • I'm still not loving Slumdog Millionaire; I liked it, that's all. I know this is blasphemy. I'm supposed to love it, I know, but it felt 1 part brutal, 2 parts unrealistic fairy tale. This bullet could become it's own post, so I'll stop there.
  • I did love Gran Torino. I loved Clint Eastwood. I loved Bee Vang and Ahney Her. This bullet could become it's own post, so I'll stop there.

  • I don't care for Barbara Walters, but I'll suffer through her interviews in the name of tradition.
  • I'm rooting for Kate. Her performances in The Reader & Revolutionary Road were spellbinding. She is completely crush worthy.

I can't wait for Stephanie's party - be strong oh warrior, against the mighty germs - and the good food and company and our own red carpet.

{silly yelp} {so embarrassing}

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(I just re-read posts from last February. I was whining about coughing and fevers and missing school last year too. This is a pattern I am ready to amend.)


Amy said...

I'm totally looking forward to Stephanie's party, too. Alas, this year, I am completely out of the loop when it comes to academy award nom's...as since I have had a very attached baby, I have made it to the movie theater like twice in the past 10 months. OH THE HORRAH!

Still, I'll come and talk a good talk.

Holly Forrest said...

Counting the hours.

Robert Downey Jr. MUST win. He is awesomely hilarious in Tropic Thunder.
Kate was great in Revolutionary Road.

Hoping to see The Reader tomorrow night; can't wait to see y'all the following one.

flutter said...

I love me some Kate Winslet. I almost want a little girl named Clementine because of her

phd in yogurtry said...

I certainly second Winslet!