Wednesday, February 04, 2009

fibs I tell myself

I'm making a confession: I'm a big liar.

Oh, not to you, and you, and you, over there, giving me the stink eye.

But I've been telling myself some whoppers, like:

I can lose weight, and eat higher cholesterol foods - I'm anemic and my cholesterol numbers are too low, of all things - jumping on my mini trampoline.

I will start/finish my novel any day now, once I research/self-actualize/catch up on House.

My kids will continue to grow spiritually at the church I have chosen, the one that has my heart.

I don't like what I know to be true.

I must work out harder, despite my chronic health problems, if I want to feel better, in the long haul.

I need to adhere to a daily writing routine. I need to find a writing group, though the idea sounds grueling and gives me hives.

And I have started dating a local, smaller church, one complete with a best friend and an active middle school youth group, for my girl. I think I've made the right decision for my family, but there's no denying I am a bit sad, letting go of the first church we've attended regularly, since I was a ministry major dropout.

What little white lies are holding you back?


Professor J said...

Oh, so very many lies are holding me back. "I can't" seems to be the number one.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Lisa! I would be glad to form a writing group with you. We House addicts must be strong and determined and follow our publishing dreams.

Say YES.

I promise to support your efforts to lose weight and help make writing fun, not grueling.

For spiritual needs, it sounds like you are on the right track. Your sadness will give way to joy as you see your family flourish at the new church.

katydidnot said...

that i can afford those shoes.

flutter said...

I don't NEED college! I'll write a huge book!

Stephanie Breuner said...

Talk to me about the kids and church one. What are your thoughts and concerns?

by the way, I ran into your sister and nephews the other night.

lapoflux said...

If I ever get my house in order I'll have time to be creative and start the 6 million projects in my head (truth being I can sew, or draw or paint etc etc)

Kristen Courter said...

Ouchie, this is way too much honesty! I'm going to give it some thought.

Suzanne said...

Wow, we tell many of the same lies.

JCK said...

I can do it all. Even though I know it isn't possible...I keep telling myself that.

Mrs. Chicken said...

That there isn't enough time. because there is, if you have it in you. so maybe it isn't in me.

Wonderful post. honest and true.

Beck said...

Ah, me too. I'm a big fibber. My big one is how I'm going to clean my house "tomorrow." SURE I am!

Jennifer Wilson said...

My fib is really big.. that I like being a step-mom. It's truly embarrassing and sad that I don't. I care about the kids and will always look out for them and put them first, but totally wish I a.) didn't have to and b.) actually wanted to. Maybe someday when I have a child of my own I will be able to feel that for them. :*(

stephanie (bad mom) said...

My lie is that I can be remotely helpful on the PTA board. Or that I like it.

I'd love to be in a writing and/or reading group with you, if it could be on a weekend, with wine. :D