Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas! I have a blog.

I was up late last night, deliberating Christmas cards - whether or not I believe in them any more. I mean, I feel like I am everywhere, all the time, over-sharing ad nauseam the minutia of my life.

Christmas cards have lost their luster in an era of moody rants and untouched pictures.

And as for a letter? I'm tempted to go with:

Merry Christmas!
I have a blog.
Be blessed.

Somehow I don't think the elderly folks on my list would understand.

So I ordered some cards. I will write a letter.

But deep down: I'm over it.


Nora Bee said...

Ha! I love/hate the Christmas letters we get. Blogs are so "this year." :-)

Saucy said...

I gave up on the cards about two years ago.

I HATE Christmas letters. H-A-T-E them.

Shana said...

I have not done cards in probably about five years now. But I do love receiving them. And what I have done in the last few years is save the envelopes, and those who sent us a Christmas card, I make a point to write them a note or a card at some other time. One year it was Mardi Gras cards, last year it was St. Patrick's Day. Just to say hi, and mix it up.

'Cause that's how we roll, what, with the keeping it fresh and such.

JCK said...

I know what you mean. I used to have great fun picking out fun pictures, writing a silly synopsis of our year, etc. This year I'm going simple. I did photo cards at Costco and I may or may not do a short letter and glue stick it on the back...

With all the blogging and writing about MYSELf, it does seem a bit overboard.

I am SURE, however, that your cards will be lovely.

Lalita Ham said...

I really wish we could afford to send out Christmas cards. I love Christmas cards! I emailed a Christmas letter, since every family member and friend is online, and it's cheaper, and less wasteful. But a card, I really wish I could send those out.

Stephanie Breuner said...

I am with you on sending Christmas cards. I haven't sent them in years. I guess they seem too expensive, wasteful, and I always think "oh, these are just going to get thrown in a pile or thrown out as soon as it is opened". However, I do like getting them myself in the mail. Is that selfish? I keep all the cards with our Christmas decorations in envelopes labeled by year.

I guess I pretty much said what Shana said. I like her idea of writing to people other times of the year when they least expect it-and perhaps cherish it a little more.

flutter said...

my Christmas letter consists of


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I'm so glad you posted this. Me too. I'm feelin' you. (They say that in Prison Break. I think it means "I understand." Heh.)

I used to do the cards and letter. The letter was my annual outreach writerly expression device. I loved crafting them, thinking of something new each year. One year a cartoon. One year on newsprint. Self-absorbed, perhaps, but at least an attempt at being clever and writerly. It was all I had.

But last year, I thought, why am I doing this when my friends and family know about my blog and, in fact, read my blog? Also? Christmas cards are not green. Cards use paper and then the fossil fuels to transport them and money for postage and printing that could go to better causes. And time time to do them? Could also be put to better causes.

So . . . last week? I ordered Christmas cards because I don't know why. Do I fear change more than I love the Earth? Some traditions are hard to shake? What?

So . . . I'm "compromising" this year and not sending a letter with the card, but I will include my blog URL and a note that says something like "catch up with our family news and photos online this year at Cheri's blog" or something like that. Not self-absorbed at all, right?

Maybe no cards next year. We really are the online generation, no? That's better, right?

Professor J said...

I'm with you, sister.

lapoflux said...

We made some cards this year.
That doesn't mean they'll get mailed.
And no letter. I just can't/
Good luck!

Mrs. G. said...

The jury is still out for me. The cards are bought but are still sitting on my desk.

Suzanne said...

Me, too. But I was REALLY over them after last year when I realized that I had two typo's in my letter after I'd sent out 25 or so. Grr.

~Swankymama said...

I have never been a fan of the Christmas letter, but we send out the photo card every year.

It is just one more "to do" item in a season of stressfulness. And they go in the trash can eventually, I am sure.

Erika said...

SERIOUSLY I know!!! "what DONT you know about me from the emails & the blog?"

HOWEVER... let me rationalize my card+letter so then i can tell you why i appreciate the card+/orletter from friends & family.

My '08 letter was simple, very simple. It had humor, humility, but facts about age & interests. Its the chrsitmas letters we get that log by month every trip they have been on. snore. And as for some of my tidbits that i included in the '08 letter - some friends who read the blog/interact on facebook said they STILL "didnt know x, y, z." so .... I am hoping it was ok received.

OH AND... this is big - i write in FIRST PERSON! DUH we all know soemone is writing the letter, please dont write in 3rd person. you didnt hire someone to write it because you just said "we love to go...." UGH biggest pet peeve.

AND... i made the font in 12 or 13. BIG. So i couldnt say too much.

But i appreciate the letters from some folks who DONT have a blog or even if they did. I would love to hear your summary of them in this year in 2 sentences. I KEEP THEM! I keep your cards & your pictures go in our scrapbook.

WHY? Because we are blessed to have friends like you in our lives & I want to see your faces through the years to remind me of the times we spent together & how we have all grown & changed!

Right now, all the pictures are displayed on our staircase & the girls look at them every day & make comments about people, something they didnt notice about them from yesterday.

I like Christmas Cards. I like Christmas letters. I appreciate the effort you put into them, because I know how much time that takes. And I value our friendship at this time of year where I realize i dont need "things." Its the faces on my staircase that are my present!!!

so NOT cool said...

The last few years, I sent loads of cards but didn't get many in return. I think that this year, I'll send them to the family folks that care, which isn't too many, and a few stray friends.

Everyone else can suck it. :P

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