a week in review

I'm another year older and apparently, I've used up all my words. A blogging crisis ensued and I've been awfully quiet these days - here and at your place. I know. I'm usually so chatty.

But we've had snow and snow days and days when the kids stayed home and there wasn't any snow left over.

I managed a mall trip to see Santa with another blistering headache - Hi! I'm a walking barometer - and the kids palavered with the dude in red for a few minutes, verifying their generally nice status, while I thanked the Dude above for not having to wait in line.

(It's a Christmas Miracle!)

Greg worked from home most of the week, and we were all able to swing Lexi's Winter Concert.

I tried new recipes and made my family wait while I took a picture of dinner.
I mailed off Christmas cards, with no letter this year, just brief personal notes.

There was wrapping.
(not rapping, silly)

And volunteering at the school, and baking, and checkups, and coffee with friends now that the snow seems here to stay.

It's been a full and busy and satisfying week.

How about you? How are you holding up, during the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle?


Jodi Anderson said…
It's good to read how you're doing.

For the most part, I'm moving along okay but I'm trying to forget about the, umm, wrapping. I guess that I can handle our daughter's stuff and she can do her dad's presents, and then I'll get the two of them to do all of the wrapping for the nieces and nephews.

Sheesh. I didn't mean to go on so much about how I hate wrapping presents.
Shana said…
How's the cabin fever at your place? Ours was at fevered pitch today, but a play date/sleepover for Carlie and a birthday/Christmas party for mom and dad to attend have kept us from experiencing any casualties.

Me thinks a "white Christmas' might be a tad overrated.
Mrs. G. said…
We are snowed in (we live in the high hills), so family togetherness is in full swing.

Things sound warm and cozy in your neck of the woods. I'm glad your hubs in home with the fam.

Anonymous said…
We had to get out today so we braved the "Arctic Blast" and headed to REI. Nothing like retail therapy to get the blood flowing again.
Things are good... for the next 10 hours.
Bee said…
Photo ops are the best reason for holding up dinner. :)

We have cabin fever here, too. Mr Coffee went to the grocery tonight and got some donuts....as in, in the parking lot with the pickup.
This Girl said…
That recipe looks so yummy, I'm jealous! I'm glad that you're surviving the hussle and bussle.
Sounds like a lovely week (except for the headache thing!). love the photos. Us, we're skipping Christmas. Too much work. Sigh. I can't complain b/c I have a job in this economy, but part of me sure wants to!
~Swankymama said…
Holding up ok. Busting at the seams at what santa is bringing to the kids. It is HARD!!!!!
Snow, glorious snow - we've had 40 cm so far - We're in full swing Christmas mode over here now!
Suzanne said…
Dang, I wanted rapping.
lapoflux said…
I am:
Shoveling, baking cookies, shoveling, baking cookies, shoveling... and so and so forth. Oh and cleaning the coloured sugar decorations of my kitchen floor. And then shoveling again (or snowblowing, whatever, there's lots of snow involved).

Glad you had a good week, glad to hear Greg was home for some important events and look at theat beauty with the cello. WOW!
Saucy said…
All that, with one of your headaches? Yeesh!

I'll tell you how I'm holding up: a new concoction called "chocolate vodka and Dr. Pepper"... it cures headaches, by the way.

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