another post that mentions moving

I came across this picture yesterday, some evidence of snow here at our house, soon after we moved in five years ago.

I can scarcely believe it's been five years.

Lexi is on the cusp of finishing elementary school and Zack is growing up strong and healthy, after many health scares and too much speech therapy.

I've made amazing friends; had great adventures.

My kids are in crazy love with their nearby cousins.

I'm still crazy in love with Greg.

Our lives are sweet - sometimes boring, sometimes hard - but sweet.

When I stare out my window at the For Sale sign, I remember I had my doubts moving here. I just didn't know what was in store for me and really how could I? We just pulled the trigger and landed here.

And somehow that helps when I am restless; when I want to know RIGHT NOW where we will be in 6 months, a year.

I'm trusting it will be just fine, even when I'm nerves are shot today.


Jennifer S said…
You've got all the important stuff right there within your reach, and that's how I know you'll be fine.
I love that. Sometimes boring, sometimes hard, but sweet.

Indeed. =)
Jodi Anderson said…
How can you not think about and mention moving when so much hinges upon it?!

At least you are living in and enjoying the present, and that's all that you can do.
oooh, longing for snow. sigh.
So hard to trust when you just Want To Know. I have been there and share your dilemma!! The best thing? You realize the blessings you have right with you...
katydidnot said…
my nerves are shot on your behalf.
JCK said…
I love how you always connect with your blessings. We have no doubt that you will be fine. Wherever you land.

That snow is beautiful!
flutter said…
Your life is beautiful
Karen Jensen said…
I love that you share your sweet life with all of us (especially me).
lapoflux said…
I admire how you get on with life even with the uncertainty of moving. Sounds like you've got your ducks lined up!
stephanie said…
Lalalala I can't hear you.

It feels like we've been friends forever. I know we would survive you moving, but I won't like it.

I like being present everyday; you enrich my world that way.

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