snow day dashed

While most every other Portland area school shut its doors today, our kids are being troopers, like most of the nation and headed for the bus. Except we are 40 degree rainy weather big crybabies, so I've seen my share of drama this morning, as both kids earned advanced degrees in Storm Tracker/School Closure Announcements - the esteemed STSCA, bound to be very marketable someday - studying the news ticker with steadfast fervor.

Did I mention I was the object of their scorn when their district wasn't listed? I bet you gathered as much. I did hear great murmuring directed to the lucky children of Precious Lambs Academy or Lovenest or School, something about Precious Lambs are stupid and who would want to be a dumb lamb, sure signs they shall be a delight in class today.

So, I'm off to finish a few errands and then to the school to deliver cakes and volunteer and to shoot stern motherly glances at my children if they dare take up complaining again.


HAHA! That's exactly what happened with my boys this morning. We got about an inch of sleet dumped on us last night and all of the surrounding areas were canceled, but of course, our city wasn't (they RARELY cancel school) and my boys were totally snarky to me on the way to school.

(Which was specially nerve-wracking considering I was busy trying to keep my little car on the road - I hate ice!!)

I feel sorry for the teachers - I bet there's a ton of cranky kids today.

Write From Karen
stephanie said…
Imagine the scorn I got because my school is closed and I get to stay home. It did not dampen my spirits a bit, however.

Coffee & Blockbuster later? :D
Karen Jensen said…
Ah, snow days. So rare, so beautiful.
Saucy said…
Where we live in Canada, never once has there been a snow day. There could be three feet of snow, load of ice, rain and more on the way... school is still on. Never cancelled. Seriously. I am not making this up. Today it was -38 C. School went on.
Christi said…
Your kids are cool.
Here I sit in Texas, in front of a warm fire, hoping for a sleet & icy roads day tomorrow. If it doesn't happen? Object of my scorn = mama milton ; )
lapoflux said…
They're on to you. That you control way more things in the universe than you let on. Like school closures and weather.
It was the best thing hearing your school's name on the radio for a snow day when we were growing up. Sorry Lexi and Zack missed out :-(
(but hope you got to hang out with Bad Mom!)
Dapoppins said…
My husband was eagerly awaiting the first snow day of the year too...

he's a teacher,

I, on the other hand, get to home school either way.
holly said…
our kids are never IN school with all the freakin' inset days. send them to schoooool! i say.
What? You don't homeschool? LOL! Kidding - I'm all for sending kids to school in all kinds of weather, which is why I'm home on a vacation day while we get slammed with 10-20 inches of the white stuff and my kids are getting snowed in at the daycare.

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