ravioli lasagna, as I race out the door

When we staged our place last summer, we rearranged our furniture and with the move, our TV lost touch with the cable socket/connector. The two considered carrying on a long distance relationship, but we all know how that usually turns out, so they made a clean break and I haven't had cable downstairs, leaving me more time to write ridiculous run on sentences.

At the time, the sun was shining and I was all la-di-dah, we don't need no stinkin' TV, we just need sunshine and swimming lessons and green, green grass.

(I was high on sunlight. And a bit of a moron.)

But times change, and now I am all, I need my TV to keep me company - wah wah wah - until my Dad said he would set me up, just in time for the election coverage.

I decided to make something like our friends had served us recently, a cheeky lasagna, made with raviolis.

I would have preferred to assemble dinner before my Grandma loomed nearby, asking me why I wasn't measuring things, or wondering if I had the Thanksgiving menu figured out yet.

(Um, no.)

But it came together just fine, unlike this sorry fast post, and it got rave reviews, all around.

Ravioli Lasagna, mama milton style

2 family size bags of raviolis (we chose simple cheese, because my kids like that best.)
1 jar of vodka marinara sauce (I lurve, yes, lurve - don't judge - Trader Joe's brand)
a couple of cups of mozzarella cheese
a couple of cups of chicken (or spinach or tofu, if you swing veggie)

See? Easy.

  • Boil up those tender raviolis and put to the side as you heat your oven at 375.
  • Run your knife through cooked chicken, until you have bite sized pieces. I did the same to a cup of artichoke hearts, because everything is better with a little heart.
  • Layer your lasagna: Sauce, raviolis, meat or spinach mixture, cheese. Repeat 3x in a large casserole dish.
  • I sprinkled a little oregano and basil and Parmesan cheese on mine and slapped it in the oven for 15 minutes, heating it through.
  • I served it with salad and garlic bread. It's always a marvel when my Grandma and kids want seconds of the same dish. I think this easy meal is a winner.
I've off to the school for coffee talk with our principal, where the conversation always seems to come back to our crazy math curriculum.

And then I have leaves to rake and words - OH THE MANY WORDS I OWE NANO - to write.

Rosalind Joffe wrote a guest post at Much to My Sjogren today. Check it out.


Shana said…
Yum, that sounds good, and looks pretty easy. Thanks.
lapoflux said…
Yum... that sounds like dinner tomorrow night.
Jennifer S said…
That sounds really, really good. Might have to make that this week while my husband's home.

Write, my friend, write. (I say that in a total panic, since I'm nowhere freaking near where I wanted my word count to be by now. Totally regretting the two days I've missed, even though they were largely unavoidable. Yeah, excuses...)
brandy101 said…
sounds delish! I will have to try this because I could do a smaller batch with just one bag of raviolis for my little family. It takes us FOREVER to finish a traditional lasagna.
Mmm...sounds like my kind of dinner!

The local grocery store here sells ravioli stuffed with a garlicky cheese mixture which is just heavenly! I can imagine it served up like this - yumm!
JessTrev said…
You don't teach elementary school do ya? We are wrestling with *our* crazy math curriculum at my DDs school in DC. Would love to hear your insights...
flutter said…
um excuse me? Yum.
Damn, and I was feeling all gourmet with my hot dogs smothered in sauerkraut.

I love the ravioli substitute idea.
Madge said…
that sounds wonderful. i'm coming over for dinner next time you make that...
JCK said…
Thanks for the yummy recipe. Judge on TJ's? I LIVE there...

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