mental illness runs in my family

I took the plunge. I have no idea how to use their word count yet, so I think this means I'm officially behind on the first day, at 9 am.

But this feels like the kick in the pants I need.


Jennifer S said…
Me, too!

I signed up last night at the last minute - I figure it's a way not to allow myself to procrastinate.

I'm so glad you're doing it, too! Good luck!
Suzanne said…
I am right there with ya, sister!! Good luck!
K. said…
Yay - welcome to the party! It's a blast. And a nightmare.

In the first few weeks the word count is honor system. If you're using a program like Word, you can check your word count under the Tools menu. Then on the NaNo website - I would tell you the exact path but they seem to be down right now, the first week or so is like that sometimes - you find the Word count box and type in your total and hit submit.

Don't forget to pick up a blog widget that will show off your progress. Some days it's the only thing that keeps me going!

As the end of the month approaches they will put up the official word counter, and in that case you can copy and paste your entire novel into the space and it will count the words for you. No one actually reads your writing when you do this, it's all automated, but they do give instructions on how to scramble your novel first, if you're so inclined.

Have fun! I'm so glad you're doing this!
It was a hugely positive experience for me last year and I hope it is for you too!

If you go to the Edit Novel Info section there's a blank for wordcount, then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit submit. The one at the top of the site doesn't seem to be working right now.

Good luck!
stephanie said…
There are word count rules now? Yikes.

I'm still fulfilling my 365 Insane-a-Thon, so technically I'm with you but in a different realm (I think). Confused.

But yay you! This won't cut into possible tea & visiting time though, will it? :D
stephanie said…
Oh wait, you're doing the NOVEL thing. I get it! (Residual 80s Girl airheadedness left over from yesterday).

So. Nevermind; I'm not remotely doing what you're doing. God bless. (And still come have tea with me sometimes).
I'm so glad to see so many others are with me.

Yay! There should be virtual pumpkin pie for all, December 1st.

Jodi Anderson said…
I think that I will do it as well. It will be my third or fourth year. I haven't officially announced it, so I can still back out. ;)

I was posting about thrifting and I happened to think, "I can just photograph a bunch of my thrifting finds to use as back-up posts." I'm thinking on it.
Shana said…
I joined up for the novel writing and the daily blogging, so double duty. Too bad I have no clue how to write a novel. But I did journal out some thoughts today, about 1200 words, which was kind of cathartic. If nothing else comes of it, there's that.

I dedicated a jazzercise post to you on my blog, you must check out the video.

Instead of 12/1 pumpkin pie, can we have pumpkin martinis?
flutter said…
I am really proud of you, and in awe of how brave you are
katydidnot said…
you are braver than i. gah. i just can't.
Suzanne said…
Ugg, but the NaNoWriMo site is exasperating! I get a server timeout just about any time I try to do anything! Is it doing this for anyone else? Is it just the huge amount of site traffic? Grr. (If I can figure out how, I want to add you as a "writing buddy"... but that's a big "if".)
JCK said…
Wait...are you doing the novel writing and the posts? 2 separate deals???
holly said…
hey! we should so be buddies! why are we not buddies. we aren't buddies until nanowrimo deems it to be so!

word count schmurd count. i am 2389 words to bedtime. sigh. it's 11:30. i's tired...

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