While many Americans warmed up their engines in the dark this morning - in search of bargains and shopping nirvana - and I turned off my alarm clock, my household at rest.

My kids, camping in our spare room.

Greg, not on the road.

I never have understood Black Friday.

I hosted my first Thanksgiving yesterday; the bird was fine, the company finer. Everything seemed as it should, well, except for my pie.

I tried my hand at Nora's Shoo-Fly Pie featured recently at BeanPlate, but all my crumbs settled deep into the goo - why, crumbs, why - dashing any hopes I had at resurrecting the dead and solving murders in whimical clothes.

(All my hopes have been dashed. Drat!)

A pie-maker I am not. Not yet anyway.

But I think I'll savor the moments with Zack in the kitchen, sprinkling those disobedient crumbs; Lexi listening to the radio and performing surgeries on sickly stuffed creatures along side us.

These will remain.

No sale or show can compete with these short hours before time and demands pull us back and apart, leaving us with little to show for.


Nestled. Perfect.

We are too.

Also? If at first you don't succeed, pie, pie again.
Shana said…
If you told me I could go do all of my Christmas shopping today, for free, as long as I brave the crowd at Walmart, i would still not go.

I un-nestled long enough for crepes and coffee and then a movie. Now I am re-nestling.
Saucy said…
That sounds like the best way to spend a day like "Black Friday"... you made a wise choice.
Jodi Anderson said…
I have to admit that I don't get "Black Friday" either. I don't think that I've ever participated in it. Maybe one year about ten years ago ...

Anyhow, I like these odd after-holiday days, where the family can nestle in the kitchen and/or the livingroom, or go for a walk in the snow. I just ate a baked potato for dinner. Seems like the perfect end to this day. :)
You know, I hadn't thought of it before, but how completely mad is it to be off getting crushed in some store somewhere instead of spending time with the family you don't get to see near enough of?

Beautifully put!
Jennifer S said…
Nothing could have dragged me to a store today. Your morning sounds perfect.
lapoflux said…
Further proof that Mama Milton is a wise woman.
No black friday shopper am I, either. Don't know that I've ever entered a store on that most evil of all shopping days. I'd like to keep it that way.

I was seriously tempted by Nora's shoo-fly-pie, but stuck with canned cherries. No room for error. Tho I did concentrate on a home made crust, that, in my opinion, was fabu.
bernthis said…
I wish I had taken a photo of an apple tar-tatin I tried to make. Let's just say I turned the pan over and nothing came out. It was completely stuck to the pan and never did come out in one piece but did come out in 80 pieces. What a nightmare.

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