a case for chaste characters

My poor characters will be living the upright, nay, uptight life, with no rest in sight because I can never keep these straight.

(Lexi and I just returned from a field trip to the Columbia River and I am beginning to thaw out, get dinner on the table. Days like these make me wonder why I didn't become a teacher. And no, I'm not being a sass mouth.)


w said…
ok, I don't care what anyone thinks of me... what the hell's a participle?!
Christi said…
Oh, I totally thought you were being a sass mouth because I dreaded field trips as a teacher!
Bee said…
I love grammar girl but she makes me feel really dumb sometimes. ;)

I know the rules but my fingers miss them sometimes (your, you're and who's, whose)
Shana said…
If you turn your characters into sparkly vampires, they'll never need to lay down.
stephanie said…
Dude, I have a degree in English Education and these words give me pause.

I think I need to lie down. Or lay my head on a pillow. ??

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