bundle up and head to library; I'll make tea

Frightful weather looming? It's time for some recommendations:

I picked up Turning Angel last week, an audio to clean to. It's a little gritty - as murder mysteries tend to be - but Iles is a master of spinning creepy Southern tales. (I love Dick Hill's southern accent on CD, deep and low.)

Zack picked this one up at his school's book fair and inhaled it over the next 2 days. Not bad for a 7 year old. Little Artie is based on Arthurian legend, and we can't wait for more in the series.

Lexi picked up A Crooked Kind of Perfect at the Scholastic book fair too, and unlike her recent book cast offs - she really loses interest fast, it seems - she finished this in days and has been begging me to read it too.

Got a little one underfoot? A scad of little children? This is one of my favorite little books about faith and hope, one my children memorized and read to me until the board book fell apart.
(I can't deny it gives me a little boost too.)

And I'm off this morning to pick up this gem from my library, from one of my favorite authors, Haven Kimmel. (I'm picking it up in both forms so I can read before bed and listen to it while make cranberry sauce tomorrow. I can't wait.)


Carrot Seed was one of my kids' favorites, too. Just as I entered this comment forum, I noticed your last book was written by the Zippy author. I loved Zippy and the sequel (tho Zippy much better). Be sure to keep me informed how you like this book. I'd like to read more of Kimmel.
This Girl said…
Thanks for the recomendations. I think I will pick up Knights of the Lunch Table for my 7 year old. I'm always looking for good chapter books that get him reading.
Jodi Anderson said…
I love book recommendations. Thank you!

I'm especially intrigued by the last one. Must add it to my list and update my goodreads.com profile.
I feel a sudden yearning to visit the local bookstore...
Christi said…
I LOVE Haven Kimmel. I think here and I would be great friends if she only knew me.
Mrs. G. said…
We'll have to discuss Iodine. That's all I have to say about that.

Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet friend.
Nora said…
Thanks for the recommendations. It makes me want to have a fireplace just thinking about it.
lapoflux said…
oooh, I read the better part of the Iles book in a doctors waiting room. Gory, but it sure made the time fly by...

i'll have to look into the knights one! thanks for the suggestions
stephanie said…
I feel so inadequate and ashamed; I haven't completed a significant (or, really, insignificant) book in many moons. Though my kids have, so I've not yet become a totally horrible role model.

Maybe if I were in your personal book group...Could I schedule monthly meetings at your house to discuss things we've read? That might be a good motivator. :D
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad that Lexi liked the book. I hope you like it, too!
Turning Angel turned out to be rather tawdry; I had to be careful to only play it when the kids were at school.

(Lots of rape/forensic chatter...)

I am loving Iodine.

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