talking to steroids; it's what I do

Dear Prednisone,

I thought of you today, as I poured over recipes, made plans to bake. Boy, we used to have so much fun in the good old days, when I'd tuck the kids in bed and we'd crank up the tunes while I churned out dozens of cookies, batches of candy. There was ribbon and frantic laughter and pans everywhere. We were blue ribbon housewife go-getters, you and me.

I didn't mind the mess. We'd clean it up, and take a little nap before we'd catch up on our reading in the quiet, while my family slept.

We had some good times.

But now we've grown apart. It was bound to happen. Please don't be angry. The withdrawal is hard on me too. It's just time I move on with life, fit in my jeans again.

I want you to know you were a lifesaver, made my days sweeter for a time.

You go your way, I'll go mine.

Now excuse me while I make some coffee. Breaking up is hard to do.

~Lisa Milton

{Yes, I figured it out. I'm cutting out the steroids, and as predicted, I am a little tired. Zack and I muddled through Lexi's rehearsal - he spent 2 hours drawing Santa pictures - and I paid bills and filled out the census paperwork. I feel lighter today.}


Suzanne said…
Uggg... sorry about the withdrawls. That must be really tough. I guess the fitting into your old jeans is the silver lining, though. I was on something a few years ago that made me gain 30 pounds in a month. No joke. And then it took well over a year to lose it. I hate meds like that.
I went off my antidepressants recently. Wheeeee! The things I'm doing for the hopefully soon to be conceived baby number three. Good luck!
CamiKaos said…
I hope it all goes well!!
Anonymous said…
A break-up letter to Prednisone - that is sheer brilliance. I hope it responds well and is able to meet someone new soon.

Yay new jeans and more importantly, new you :)
Mrs. G. said…
Grrr...breaking up with steroids can make a mama cranky. Hang in there. And eat chocolate. I hear it helps.
SusieJ said…
Really?! Lisa, I'm sorry. You are winning this one. They say the written word creates an internal quiet power.
Thank you all for your kind words. I didn't even know I had any comments because blogger usually sends me an email, but for some reason, it's being all hush-hush today.

Silly computer. Or blogger. Probably both.
Karen Jensen said…
Bless your little heart. I second Mrs. G. Chocolate helps everything (like chicken soup).
katydidnot said…
i think you can. i think you can.

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