and it came to pass

I entertained several ideas for today's post, but alas, I am running on considerably less brain cells than I was just yesterday - I'm taking it easy.

I'm headed to Peet's for coffee this morning to celebrate with my family and Greg will be home tonight.


I'm seeing Juno with Bad Mom & Jen B. tomorrow evening.

For me, this is celebrating BIG, folks. Yeehaw.


For those of you who need a little laughter, this one's on me. Yes. I got a cold for my birthday.

(This was my real gift from Greg. I have an iPod like all the cool kids now.)

And here's my shot for the year; 37. I am so blessed.

(PS: Happy 5th birthday, Austin. Aunt Sissy loves you.)


Spagirl said…
Happy Birthday Mama Milton!!!!

You look stunning!
Happy Birthday! Hope that iPod and Peet's Coffee help you to feel better soon!

tz said…
Happy Birthday!, and hope you feel better soon! IPod is awesome, I swear you probably raised your popularity score by at least 10 points
Happy birthday!!!! Great birthday picture. You look gawwwwjusss!!
Anonymous said…
Great shot - happy birthday!

- Dana
Suzanne said…
Happy Birthday! You are one beautiful chick. (At first glance, I thought that first picture was you with a tissue up your nose, wearing a strange green and white feathered hat. It took me a second to realize it was a tree. Just made the pic even better...)

Have a great day!
brandy101 said…
Happy Birthday - you have awesome hair - I am jealous!!!
Irene said…
Happy Birthday! I hope you feel better soon, but still- that picture of you is great.
You're beautiful. Enjoy your special day.
Amy said…
Oh you are purty. Happy birthday! And I am so jealous that you are seeing Juno. DYING to see it.
SusieJ said…
Happy BIRTHDAY You!!! A cold on your birthday, is YUCK!! My son's birthday is tomorrow, by the way, 12. Don't forget the vinegar.

And, by the way, you look fabulous!! You really do, close up camera (which I fear) and everything.

Daisy said…
Happy Birthday!!!!!! I, too, am 37 and so far, so good. We'll see when the "I'm approaching 40" breakdown happens...hopefully never.

Hope this year is an amazing one for you!
K. said…
Have an amazing birthday!
Scribbit said…
How do you manage to look so great even with a napkin up your nose?

Sigh. I couldn't get away with that.
katydidnot said…
you're so beautiful! what a great picture. happy birthday! and your hair looks great.
flutter said…
You are so beautiful!
Thank you all.

The checks are in the mail. Because I am just made of cash.

Tee hee.
Anonymous said…
Stunning you are (and I thought it was a feathered hat you were wearing in the first pic, too; I was going to suggest sporting it for tomorrow's escapades...).

Happy happy happy :)
Anonymous said…
Happy bithday.

Have fun at the movie with the ladies.

Mrs. G. said…
What a beauty you are!! Not every girl can look so fetching in toilet paper. Take some with you when you go to see might need it.

Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers.
Okay, not only are you fabulous, intelligent, funny, and're gorgeous too?

Ah well...I like you anyway. Happy belated!
Melanie said…
Happy birthday! You have great hair, by the way. I am dazzled by (i.e. envious of) your glossy, chocolate-y, effortlessly side-swept bangs.
Unknown said…
hope it was a good one. See you soon!
lapoflux said…
Happy Birthday!!!! Belated, sorry... hope it was a great day, cold and all ;-)

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