Christmas option #2: Debbie Downer

My migraine has officially morphed into a cluster headache. It struck me fast and knocked me to the couch. I wish I was kidding. I've had a few years since the last cluster; it's been precisely two years.

So, I'm taking some pills and I will make a Christmas Eve trip to urgent care for more treatment; more drugs to keep on hand.

What I want to say? Please give me a big bucket of narcotics. Drug me up so I won't feel the next headache. But, as you can imagine, demanding drugs leads to trouble. Damn.

Pre-headache, my Mom and Grandma came to church with me this morning. I hope the carols brought them some relief; their hearts are heavy.
There are stories I want to tell you, but they aren't mine alone. My puzzle piece burns my hands and keeps me in tears.

I'm combing through memories; bracing for the storm.

I am certain we can't outrun the past; it is always with us.


Mrs. G. said…
I have never had a migraine, but my MIL suffers from them, and boy does she suffer. I hope the narcotics kick in and give you some relief. Feel better, Lisa.
Karen Jensen said…
Oh, this sounds awful, Lisa. I used to get migranes, but I've never had a cluster headache. I hope that the drugs kick in soon. And I hope that you have a peaceful well medicated Christmas.
les said…
what's a cluster headache?

you know i suffer from migraines too right? really bad, throwy-upy rush to the urgent care and get lots of shots in the butt kind?

well i do and i feel your pain. i went off all my meds (my preventitives, my stuff i take when i want to chop my head clean off) and the only thing i take now is vicodin and my nausea meds because...well, the taking meds every day thing isn't my ideal but i stopped taking them because my doctor told me to stop everything when i quit taking birth control as it could really harm any potential fetus.

but i don't have one of those. at least not yet.

this is a long comment.
les said…
oh and i forgot to mention that i'm cutting back on alcohol and chocolate and it's really helping!

i especially don't drink late at night.

i haven't had one in 10 days! that's a big deal for me. how often do you get your migraines.
lapoflux said…
PLease please please let them give you something for the pain. I've never had a cluster headache, but having suffered from migraines (occasionally, not often) I can only imagine the agony you must be in. And you still manage to post - you trooper you!
Roll on January and hibernation ;-)

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