restless hair syndrome

A few years ago, I lost a bunch of hair. And by bunch, I mean I considered knitting grotesque Barbie sweaters and calling myself Kojak.

I took consolation where I could and looked into wigs and scarves - maybe I'd try being a blonde for a while - and thankfully, my hair started coming back.

I promptly began growing my locks out because I could.


Lately I haven't been digging my hair. I haven't been doing anything with it, and it shows.

mrs. milton smells funny

Maybe it's not that bad, but close. ( Stephanie might disown me for the Redskins bandana alone.)
I've become fond of baseball caps.

Greg's subie girl

Maybe I should try to channel Mandy Moore again.
Or Rene. Oh to look like Rene.
Keep the length, but go funky like Mae?
It just occurred to me where Lexi's hair drama comes from. I'm so ashamed...


Suzanne said…
I love your hair in that top picture, but I think it would be cute like Renee as well. And I happen to LOVE the Redskins bandana. I'm in a "grow out" process right now, too. And I'm sure as soon as it's "grown out", I'll chop it again. I'm fickle.
lapoflux said…
love the do in the top photo (as I did when you posted it recently). But as a girl I understand the grow/cut/grow thing. Personally I've been thinking I am a little old for the hippy halfway down my back look I have going because of my hairdresser phobia (and fear of actually having to style my hair). I'm interested to see what you do with your do....
This Girl said…
The Mandy Moore do would look so good on you! You should go for it!!
Mrs. G. said…
I like Mandy Moore, but I love Rene. Short, but not too short...and very sexy. I feel like I'm ready for a new look too...I'm in a fashion rut. Inspire me Mama Milton!
flutter said…
The Rene is very very sexy...and seriously how cute is Mandy Moore?
katydidnot said…
i am thinking layers, i am thinking highlights, i am thinking choppy bangs. wait...i am also thinking $225, so i like the pink ball cap.
I say go for it! I made the change, and I LOVE IT!

I know we've commiserated on the hair loss thing. I feel the same way, hence my own haircut.
natalie said…
like mother, like daughter...something i have been struck with lately, even with my 9 month old!
Anonymous said…
I love you regardless (except the Redskins bandana would "accidentally" be burned or otherwise destroyed in my home; wear it out of my sight is all I ask).

But if we're voting, I say the Rene would be awesome. In fact, I might just take her pic to my next haircut appointment...
Karen Jensen said…
Love the post. Love the title.

Alice Walker wrote a great essay about hair a few years back. I think I remember that the title was: "Opressed Hair Purs a Ceiling on the Brain." Could I be correct?

I may post on this. Do you mind if I link to you?
I vote for Rene too. =)

I almost dyed my hair bright red for Christmas but managed to restrain myself.

At least so far.

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