sure to make you smile

I opened up my Google Reader, blew off the dust, and found some lovely posts to share with you.

Take a look:
Who's that girl?, by Amanda Magee
{she grew up in Eugene. i secretly hope it's in the water, this amazing strength & talent. i'd love to grow my girl up to be just like Amanda.}
Fall Drive, by SusieJ
{oh the fall foliage out east of my little corner of the world...thank you for posting this picture, Susie.}
Mighty Summit: visiting my earnest mood on you, Maggie Mason
{ah, she's famous among dozens, and i know why. i love the way she looks at the world.}
quoth the swapper, nevermore, by Sasha Libby
{the craft store is calling my name. i need ravens and poe, stat. i would love to play at her house.}
old girls gone wild, by Sam Persinger
{one of my best friends in this here real life. this old girl wishes she'd been along for the night out.}

Why have I been away for so long? I am inspired, encouraged, excited. Thank you, ladies.


Amanda said…
Oh, this was like a kiss from back home. Thank you, sweet one!
Susiej said…
You are gorgeous.... love your new picture up there...
Welcome back.

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