for the love: cardamom

I knew I had to give it a try, as soon as I saw a friend's FB post about the Buttered Chicken (murgh makhani) she had simmering in her crock pot. I mean really. When's the last time you had reason to sew cardamom pods together? I didn't think so.

(It's the best smelling needlecraft to date.)

Also: I think the plate is having a girl.


slow panic said…
love love love cardamom
wendy said…
haha-- having a girl-- :D
LOooOove Butter Chicken - my favourite East Indian meal. haha to "having a girl" ;)
yogurt said…
The only way I've seen cardamom is the powdered form in my spice cabinet. Had no idea how it came packaged.
dkuroiwa said…
sometimes, when i'm feeling really adventurous...i'll make chai....and the smell of cardamom simmering is just wonderful.
Erika said…
I have been having cardamom on my oatmeal in the AM, yum! I have never seen it in the pods. So .... HOW WAS THE CHICKEN???? :) :) CHAI??? Where can I get THAT recipe? yum:)

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