Wednesday, October 06, 2010

of feet and frustration

Some women make it look easy; they make it look effortless, this fashion thing. I've spent most of my life being haplessly unaware just how little of it comes to me at all.

Not that I care. Not most days.

But I recently found a darling pencil skirt at Goodwill, fulfilling my Great Skirt Fantasies. What is my GSF? Well, after wearing skirts all summer long, I would come across a batch of fall and winter skirts, skirts that beg to be worn with tights & boots. Skirts that play well with scarves and gloves. Skirts that would carry until spring. Skirts that may or may not like walking dogs, going to pumpkin patches and/or caramel apples. And skirts easy on the eyes and wallet.

One would think that if I could find my Soul Mate Skirt, I would be set.

One would hope that the neuropathy in my feet could just give me a break until I see my new acupuncturist in November, the earliest appointment I could get.

One could hope that I could come up with a cute outfit for this weekend's Wordstock festival in Portland.

This one girl was wrong. All my shoes hurt. Every non-geriatric, orthopedic-and-otherwise-shoe at every store I went to today - and I strongly dislike shopping - made me wince. Add a little neurotic episode of trying on most everything in my closet and I had ruined a perfectly good afternoon.

So I am pouting, and angry at myself, for being angry at my body.

'It's doing the best it can.'

I tell this to myself while I lament the time lost. I'm saying it while I bake cookies for the kids my body lovingly carried for me. While I make dinner in my new kitchen, the biggest kitchen I've ever had. (Pictures coming this week.)

They carry me.

I have no idea what I'll pack for my trip, but my feet will carry me and my silly insecurities.

Oy vey.

"I've got a perfect body, but sometimes I forget.
I've got a perfect body, because my eyelashes catch my sweat."


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

30 minutes have passed and I'm feeling slightly less shallow and nutty.

Returning some painful shoes tomorrow and emailing my acupuncturist in Portland for some advice to carry me through.

Stu said...

I am glad you and your feet made it up this weekend. Our hearts appreciated you putting up with your hurting tootsies.