Wednesday, December 09, 2009


And just like that, the month rolls on.

My in-laws came to visit, and then we all went to visit a certain bearded fellow, much sought after this time of year.

I didn't expect my kids to really sit with him, but they did. They talked him up, poor guy.

I wish these days were longer, so I could get through work each day, keep the house clean-ish, do what I need to do to stay healthy and sane AND write, but I make no promises on this 24 hour plan.

Y tu? How are you holding up this December?


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Holding up? NO! It is COLD here! It's in the '60s. And some mysterious wet drops were falling from the sky. WTHeck??? :-)

They're so cute!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

It was 14 degrees this morning. I know not what to make of it either. :) Please tell me that the merriest place on earth was soul restoring. I am banking a lot of hope on your good experiences. No pressure.

Stu said...

I am looking forward to this Christmas a bit more this year since we will not be traveling. On the other hand, The Woman will be on crutches and the Nice Neighbor Lady will be sad because her kids will be gone.

I am always thankful for this time of year no matter how crazy; I have a warm house, a family I love, and good friends.

We are expecting to see you over break. It will do my woman good.


brandy101 said...

I am bummed that Christmas will be here before we are moved into the *new* house. We did not decorate inside because of dust, and dropcloths everywhere. I sort of wish we were not traveling to PA because our addition will be ALMOST done and we are really anxious to clean the whole place and begin moving, organizing and decorating.

Plus...there is some stressful family stuff going on in PA that I would rather just avoid!

However, I am looking forward to re-connecting with a friend or two from high school while I am in town, so I suppose there is a silver lining.

Professor J said...

Sweet picture. It's cold here, too! Whaa!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You'll have to shoo me away, Stu. I think I will be watching movies and hanging out quite a bit, once work is over for the year.

phd in yogurtry said...

Those reds are so bright!

If I was with you, I'd probably have sat on Santa's lap and talked him up, too. Worth a try, right?