A word from the editor

Yes, that would still be me. I am over the Christmas red and green blog colors. Sorry the site is pretty bland right now. I am working on spicing it up over the next week. I really want 3 columns. Really. There's no place like 3 columns.

(Maybe if I click my heels and stuff, it will happen.)


Three columns pale in comparison to categorized (not chronological) postings. This would be perfect for my sister's professional site, www.RebeccaHull.com. I got to figure that one out. Thanks for the idea!
Hey Jennifer!

Does Rebecca's site use blogger beta? The beta version has a customized category section. It is very easy to use, and easy to convert to. (The only big drawback is I am no longer able to utilize the fancy templates you suggested on BloggerAssist.) Her artwork is amazing, by the way.

Happy New Year!

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