Last year I made one meager resolution: I was not going to go to or buy anything at McDonald's in 2006. (Full disclosure: the kids like getting burgers and frostys at Wendy's for a mere $4.08. They also love Subway and Chinese noodles.) I wanted to challenge some suburban mythology, that McDonald's is germane to my way of life. I was sick and tired of bringing home junky toys, and even junkier food. It always bothered me that one of the top 100 words, above church and beside Mom, that children with delays were tested on was the word McDonald's. It's that ingrained into our culture. So, in my own little way, I questioned why. I had other goals, but this was one tangible choice I made.

As a kid, I always looked forward to the beginning of school, and the beginning of the year. I still do. I always felt like it was a time to reinvent myself - a luxury afforded by the stability of living in the same town my whole childhood. I always wanted to be NEW and IMPROVED. Now I just want to be joyful, deliberate and thoughtful.

And fit into my jeans.


I had a tough time getting ready for church this morning. I was sleepy and tempted to stay home. But I dropped the kids off at the Kids' Community and settled in just in time to hear Don Miller speak about the power of stories, living God's story for our lives. I perked right up. Near the end, he posed the question: Do you want to live out your fears or do you want to live out your dreams? (He also seemed worried that he was sounding a bit like a self-help speaker.) I vote for dreams in 2007. Yeah, let's dream.

Happy New Year. Be well and safe tonight.


Scribbit said…
Taco Bell is my fast food vice of choice. Can't get enough. And I sneak extra mild sauce packets to take home. How pathetic am I?

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