I just finished a marathon session of reading some of my favorite blogs. We are headed to Medford, Oregon tomorrow morning, bright and early, to visit my in-laws. I have a feeling that I won't be posting, reading or giving in to any of my other obsessions while away. It should be an eventful trip. The kids are excited to see the baby llamas (Greg's parents have a ranch full of them)--someone suggested we could tie it in to the nativity, talk about the manger amid the hay. We'll see. With our allergies, sometimes it is best to use our big imaginations.

My sister-in-law, Nikki, and her three sons will be up from San Diego. It's been over 5 years; she's never seen Zack. Nikki also reunited with her biological daughter, Adri, after she turned 18 this fall. Adri is coming to meet the family--I can't imagine what she must be thinking. It must be a lot to take in. Lexi is over the moon to have another lady in the extended family. I'll have to keep her from harrassing her too much. My girl is chatty-mc-chat. We may never hear from Adri again.

My Christmas cards are sent; the teacher gifts have been given. Time to make sure that everyone has undies, and no summer dresses have been packed. At least we don't have to pack diapers anymore.


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