Saturday, March 07, 2009

Office Depot giveaway

See this family? These are the Coxes, and let me tell you: They are fabulous.

The first time I met Erika, after emailing and reading each other's blogs for months, we were standing in line to register for swimming lessons. It was nearly 100 degrees outside and there she was, decked out in a long-sleeved, skin-saving white jacket while I was nearly melting into a puddle, dirty from doing some yardwork. I was Glam-ur-us!

But no bother. Erika is a great friend and whenever I hear someone pooh-pooh blogging I remember how many friends- virtual or otherwise - I have met, sitting in this chair, laptop humming.

Speaking of laptops - swerve, crash, boom: no easy segues today - Erika posted a contest on her blog this week with an opportunity to win a small business start up system from Office Depot. We're talking laptop/printer+fax/shredder. I know. You want a chance to win too, so head on over there. Git!

(And if you have a spare moment, maybe you can lend some encouragement to my sweet friend. Her daughter, Charlotte, had a rough time with her Remicade treatment this month, and though Erika is one tough mama, and one of the most optimistic women I know, I think she is feeling a bit weary.)


JCK said...

Meeting blogging friends in person is the best! Sending good thoughts & prayers to your friend.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is an angel. I remember sharing roasted almonds with her in 100 degree weather.

Good old days.

Ta Ta for now, and visit my FUTURE BLOG.