soup for the muted mama

The sneezing and wheezing of the weekend has blossomed into a fine case of laryngitis, leaving me to mime my way through the morning.

Lexi was watching GMA with me this morning, and became alarmed about the dang swine flu. I point at myself and shake my head no, and pretend to wash my hands, my answer for all creepy crud. She read a book about the 1918 pandemic and all this swine flu talk has freaked her out, that is until she remembered that the cities that took precautions were the safest back then, and being cautious is probably a good idea now.


This eases her mind and eases my throat because mothering in a whisper is crazy torture fun.

So, I'm stirring up a spicy soothing soup that's a snap to make and perfect for a sore throat.

  • quart of chicken stock, straight from my freezer
  • can of coconut milk, which is full of the good fats and is supposed to be very good for you. I should link informative articles about it here, but I am too tired to pull it off. I'm more in a Coconut Milk Good, and tasty place than a naming my sources place, and for that I am truly sorry. [I'm sorry she said in a small whisper.]
  • fresh ginger, sliced
  • red pepper flakes, to taste
  • cup or so of cooked chicken
  • salt & pepper to taste
I throw it all in a pot and slowly heat it.

I plan on sipping mine slowly, while folding laundry and watching far too much TV.


Madge said…
sounds so yummy. i'm going to have to make that soon.
brandy101 said…
Mmm, how about a bit of lemongrass in there, too? It sounds a lot like a Thai Tom Yum soup.

You know what else is great when you feel cruddy? Vietnamese Pho. Mmmmm.
lapoflux said…
Hope that the soup worked and that you are feeling better soon!
Texasholly said…
That sounds amazing. There is a Thai restaurant not far from here that has something similar that I always order out when I am sick. I think it cures most anything. Hope it works for you!
Shana said…
That soup sounds really good. I hope your throat is healing : )
Nora said…
That almost makes me want to get sick so I can make it. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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