I may have been Toto

Despite being dead on my feet by 9 pm last night, I went on to toss and turn, creating a new nocturnal yoga routine I am not recommending if you need to, I don't know, function the next day.

(See exhibit A, the matrimilton: Elephant pajamas, check! Moaning & groaning, check!)

I felt resourceful when I woke from a fanciful dream around four, and thought: Well, at least I know what my post will be about today.

And can I remember my dream now and that brilliant post? Nah.

There were dancing, singing pets and you were there. And you. And you. It might have been equal parts Beverly Hills Chihuahua and The Wizard of Oz.

We'll never know, but I'm banking on a strong cup of coffee to get me through my date with a mounting pile of laundry.


Karen Jensen said…
It sounds like my kind of a dream! I hate when that happens.
The matrimilton. Ha!

Were there heffalumps and woozels? This sounds reminiscent of the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland.

Did you imbibe in anything hallucinogenic yesterday?
Or would that be telling?
Stu said…
I don't remember being there, but if you insist.

Good luck with your mountain.

lapoflux said…
I've been running on caffeine for the last 10 days. I hope it helped get you going.
Is it that time of year for bizarre dreams? I've been having some doozies too.
Better sleep tonight!
Bee said…
I like your new bloggy digs. Maybe they are old and I've been forever and a day in getting to visit you.

Did you know you have a twin that works at Safeway? I asked her if she was a blogger. Don't laugh. I SO did.

So, are you guys over the crud now?
We are feeling better (no special mushrooms either) but I'm been so stinking tired the past few days.

I feel a little more alert tonight, which is nice because:

a)Greg is actually home this week
b)We can watch LOST in real time, IF I can stay awake like a grown up today.
Awesome and was Stinky Butt with me? Because she likes hyper dreams...a little part Toto a little part Devil....
Saucy said…
Totally have done that! Especially when meds make me have some majorly trippy dreams. We need a journal by the bed.
Are your pajamas the Nick & Nora pink elephants on ice skates? I have those too.
katydidnot said…
elephant pajamas, yes please.
Shana said…
The good news is, you survived the sleepover! Congrats!

The bad news is, I am sorry to hear about your tossing and turning. As a chronic insomnia sufferer, I feel your pain.
Madge said…
i have been suffering from insomina and/or restless nights for awhile. hate it. hope you get some rest soon.
JCK said…
Did you ever remember the dream? I'm ready to dance.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. And have been sleeping!

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